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Learn The Right Way to “Brand” Your Security Business

Before I begin, I want to ask you a quick question: Do You Want To Learn How To Quickly Create A Million Dollar, All-Referral Security Business? If you’ve answered, “YES”, then please read the bottom of this email.

Learn The Right Way to “Brand” Your Security Business
Have you ever been approached by local marketing and advertising reps who recommend and promise to help you “BRAND” your security business in your area. They say, “Build your brand through repetitive, image-based marketing… and you’ll be know as THE security dealer to go see for X, Y, and Z security services!” Building a brand is a lot more involved then designing a fancy-schmancy logo, slapping it on the side of your vans and then telling everyone within earshot that you’re a brand now.

“Brand building” campaigns will require a colossal amount of YOUR money. That’s because in order to build “brand awareness,” you’ll need to spray your message, over a very long period of time, across a multitude of media channels, such as: the Yellow Pages, Billboards, TV, Radio, Web, Newspaper, Magazines, College Bowl Games, Blimps, NASCAR. The promise is that “eventually” you’ll be top-of-the-mind whenever folks in your area think about security… and they magically choose your company.

Yah,right! Take a look at many of the “branded slogans.” They all sound exactly the same – We’re #1, We’ll secure your world, We’re there when you need us most, We don’t sleep so you can, We’re the best, The Most Trusted Security Dealer in the ____________ Area! Trusted, Respected, Everywhere, yadda,yadda, yadda. Slogans like these are so worn-out and overused that nobody even believes them anymore!

It’s Complete Horse Sh*T
For small – large security dealers and integrators, it’s impossible to create a “brand” out of thin air in your local marketplace… period. The resource required to penetrate any market like this are cost prohibitive. Only the “Big Boy” companies like Coca Cola, Disney, Fed-Ex and, more recently, Under Armour can pull off this type of identity branding and it costs them millions and millions and millions of dollars to do so.

Then How Do You Build Your Brand?
First, consider the reason for marketing your security business in the first place. Is it to become well know or famous? I hope not. Instead, your marketing should be all about solving problems and fulfilling the desires of your prospects and clients through a Direct Response approach.

Match the right message with the right market (prospects) in the right media, asking the market to respond in a measurable way, and you’ll have yourself a kick-butt winner of a campaign.

Ok, now I can go back and talk about and address brand-building by saying that you actually DO develop a “branded identity” in your community, without exception, sometimes whether you like it or not! To explain I’ll need to define “brand” in my terms.

You Are The Freakin’ Brand And Nothing Else!
The strategy that I like to recommend is much, much more affordable and doable. You’re actually the brand. The security branding is all about YOU, primarily, and your team (office staff & techs), secondarily. This personal branding develops over time as a by-product of the exceptional services you provide and the positive lasting impression you make on you your clients and others in your area. Whatever you become “know for” is your brand.

Again, this doesn’t happen through “brand building” marketing. It happens through the intimate interactions and key relationships you build and maintain with your clients, prospects and associates. Folks DO business not with big, nameless, faceless companies, but with the folks from inside those companies. Understanding That Key Point Is Crucial!

If you’ve been in the security business for any length of time, you’ve already branded yourself. Survey your TOP clients to help you uncover their interpretations of your identity in your marketplace. Chances are you’ll want to modify and maybe even transform your brand, but please understand this will take time and a concerted and consistent effort from you and your team.

Do You Want to Learn How To Quickly Create A Million Dollar, All-Referral Security Business?

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Now Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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