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Life In The Fast Lane – Are You LinkedIn?

This past summer, I was reading an old issue of Rolling Stone magazine on the boat ride over to Nantucket Island while sitting on the upper deck, basking in the warm sunlight and breathing in the wonderful ocean air. One article I was reading was about the 70’s super band, The Eagles, and part of the article talked about how Glenn Frey revealed that the title, “Life In The Fast Lane” came to him one day while he was riding too fast on a freeway with a drug dealer known as “The Count”. Frey asked The Count to slow down and his response was, “What do you mean? It’s life in the fast lane!”

Well, my friend, life in the fast lane, today, for security entrepreneurs who to get in the fast lane and expand their businesses and reach into niche markets is to start using the social networking site, LinkedIn!

Who’s On LinkedIn? Here’s some LinkedIn info:

  • 100 million people on LinkedIn (45% are business decision makers).
  • People on LinkedIn have the highest average household income per user over any other social media networking site ($109,000).
  • There are millions of people in specific, targeted groups.
  • Are focused on business.
  • Are all looking to build their business or help others in business.

Become The Obvious Security Expert Fast
You can become OMNI-Present in your marketplace, and become the obvious security expert, and get clients seeking your security advice and services.

I mentioned there being millions of people in groups. You should get into some of the groups that consist of your niche markets – car dealers, condo associations, property managers, small businesses, hospitals, etc. – and start posting and answering security questions. You’ll become the obvious security expert in no time flat.

Getting Started In The Fast Lane
To get started – it’s real easy! Go on and sign up for a free account. Create your profile and then connect with me – Bob Maunsell – and then join my Security Marketing Guru group. I’ve created the group, just for security entrepreneurs, where I’ll be discussing cutting-edge strategies and techniques for online and offline security marketing.

Link to my LinkedIn Profile

Join My Security Marketing Guru Group On LinkedIn
This Group is Dedicated To Security Dealers And Security Entrepreneurs That Want To Learn How To Attract “A-List” Clients That Pay, Stay And Refer And Discover Robotic Security Selling Strategies™ That Help Them Dominate Their Local Security Market And Develop A Steady Stream Of Hot Security Prospects.

Plus, You Can Check Out The Cool Videos & Freebies for My LinkedIn Group Members
Cool Video —> “You Build Your Security Business On Pillars” – The More You Diversify The More Stability You’ll Have In Any Economic Environment!
Parthenon Principle —> “You Build Your Security Business On Pillars” – The More You Diversify The More Stability You’ll Have In Any Economic Environment!

Who should watch this video? Any Security Dealers, Sales Reps, Manufacturing Reps, Protection Specialist Who Wants More Stability For There Business, And More Predictability With There Income.

Have Gr8 weekend!

Now Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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