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It’s Been Confirmed: Tiger Woods Is Getting a “Little Something” On The Side…Shouldn’t Your Clients?

Can ya believe all the talk about Tiger Woods’ car accident and, at last count, the thirteen (13)  extra-marital flings he’s had.  The number keeps going up,up,and up.

We can all laugh and joke about Tiger’s personal misfortune which, BTW, he brought upon himself. But, what about the people in your own life that have been cheating on you?

Now, I’m not suggesting that your wife or girlfriend is having a fling.  What I’m talking about here is your client base.  How many of your clients have been real “naughty” and have shopped out their security projects behind your back?

Think about it….think how easy it is today to do a little online shopping and purchase some rinky-dink video equipment.

Yes, instead of ringing you up to install a video surveillance system, your clients can easily get some low-quality goods online and have the maintenance guy huck it in.

Why Do Clients Stray…?
Cuz, you’re not giving your clients enough attention!  You may have just plain forgotten, but, you’ve failed to keep yourself in their good graces.  (Note to Self:  It’s your responsibility to educate, entertain and thorough please these cash cows.)  You need to send them a little thank-you card, and, at minimum, a quarterly client newsletter.  Quirky holiday postcards (with new offers) would be great, too, and special little gifts along the way.

Just remember, it’s the little things in life that count.  Think back when you were trying to win your wife over….wearing your “Sunday Best”, always opening the door, complimenting her on the way she looked and dressed and all the great things she made and did.

People Don’t Want To Know How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care

You should always be “Dating” your clients and wooing them.  They should always be getting a “Little Something” (like Tiger) on the side – from you.

The Little Somethings…
You should always be sending your significant, top clients a “Little Something”, unexpectedly, throughout the year – to let them know just how much you care about them.

What’s the LTV (Life Time Value) of a client?  What is the income stream of this existing client over 1-3-5 years?   Are they worth $1K-$5-$30K per year, and what’s the cost of neglecting or losing this asset, altogether, and the cost of finding a new client just like them?

You need to create a “micro moment” of happiness with your clients.  It endears them to you, builds incredible loyalty among your clients, and turns a “client base” into a “FAN BASE.”  The rewards of gifting your “FAN BASE” with a “Little Something” are enormous when you can scale these micro-moments of happiness for lots and lots of your clients at the same time.

So how can you do this “gifting” without going broke?  Boy, do I have the answer for you!

Here’s my Christmas present to you….Bob’s Free Gift

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