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Look Who Just Jumped Into The Security Business

Checkout this email that my wife, Natasha, got from BJ’s Wholesale Club. OMG they’re in the CCTV business now! How many folks do you think they have on their email list?

I’d guess with 157 stores in 15 states, they have several million email subscribers by now. How many people do you think rushed into the stores to pick up their CCTV surveillance kits once they received this email? I would say thousands of surveillance kits were sold, plus they have educated millions of folks to the fact that they can pick up an affordable CCTV system at their local BJ’s store.

I got to tell you that BJ’s is a prolific email marketing company. They’re always communicating with their members daily, via email, and making special offers – especially 24 hour sales – that create a buzz, get folks to visit the stores to make additional purchases and generate a lot of online and offline sales.

If it isn’t bad enough for you that BJ’s is selling home CCTV equipment, then you better brace yourself for this news…Lowe’s Home Improvement stores has also entered the home security installation market and will be selling security systems in your hometown. If Home Depot hasn’t already joined the party, they will soon.

I can see people reading this email saying WTF, I can’t catch a break with all the National Security Companies selling in my marketplace, and now all the big box stores are marketing and selling to my customers! How the hell am I gonna make any money?

Your Remedy – If You Choose To Accept It…
Is to market your security business like you know you’re suppose to do, but choose not to do, Marketing is a cure-all for all business woes. If your gonna start today marketing your business, I would prescribe to you a simple yet highly-effective monthly email client newsletter, like my Secure Zone E-Newsletter.

We’re Your Security HQ
You gotta let your clients and prospects know that YOU do sell it, that YOU can install it, that YOU can guarantee it, that YOU answer the phone, that YOU can educate them, that YOU have LOTS of happy clients, that YOU can entertain them, that YOU do have a referral system, and that it’s best to do business with the local Security Expert.

The Convincing Business Sucks
Convincing people to do business with you is the hard part, so why not let your security marketing material do that for you? That’s what my monthly client E-newsletter, The Secure Zone, is designed to do…all the selling for you! And, drum roll for the good part, it only cost $29 month!! So if you wanna get started informing, educating, selling, soliciting, and winning over clients with it, CLICK HERE.

P.S. Can you afford not to invest a measly $29.00 per month on your business?

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