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3 Ways to Make Your Security Business Simply Irresistible!

We’re very busy here at the world HQ of Security Marketing Guru…
I’m just sitting down to write this security marketing blog-post outside on my back deck. It’s a beautiful, warm, late spring night here in Massachusetts…the birds are chirping away, I’m smoking a PARTAGAS D4 and it’s just about an hour before the Boston Celtics and the Los Angles Lakers go at it in game 1 of the NBA Finals.

This is a Big-A$$ important email that will make a HUGE difference in your bottom line, so let’s roll with it…

Most security folks in the security industry would say it’s the products that they install, like ADT, BRINKS, ADEMCO, SOFTWARE HOUSE, DOORKING, LOCKNETICS, DEDICATED MICROS, SONY, S2, AMAG, MIRCOM, and DSC, that makes them stand out in a crowded marketplace – this is evidenced by the lame ads that many security installers do that feature the products rather than the benefits customers will get by choosing their security company. Giving grandeur to the products rather than to what your company can do for it’s clients is just wrong, wrong, wrong!

Speaking in Tongues
Many security dealers chant the typical security advertising marketing slogans “We’re the biggest” or “We’re Numero Uno.” They proudly recite impressive details about how they’ve been selling and installing security equipment since Samuel F.B. Morse invented the telegraph.

The real ugly truth about this – all of this stuff – is that most prospects don’t care about what we do or how we do it… The equipment and the slogans are only important to the installing dealers… Gasp!

What your prospects and clients care about is the Morse code signal that is transmitted through their neurons all day long: W…I…I…F…M aka “What’s In It For me?” Answer this question correctly and you just uncovered the Holy Grail of security marketing.

3 Ways to Make Your Security Business Simply Irresistible

1. Package your business in a way that screams “Premium” instead of “Low-Baller.”

  • Upgrade your system technicians uniforms.
  • Drive only clean, lettered vehicles. (No magnetic signs or ladders tied down to the roof racks with quad cable).
  • Offer a free 32 Point Security Audit (TM) before quoting prices. this creates an experience for them, and also a “dog and pony show” that “wows” prospective clients.

2- Stand out from the pack as being a competent security pro.

  • Confirm all appointments with clients, as most installing companies don’t or won’t bother to do this.
  • Leave them a nice Little Something (gift) after the security install, doesn’t have to be elaborate or wicked expensive – to show your appreciation and gratitude. If you want an idea of how to knock-the-sox off a prospect or client, with a Little Something, then click here.
  • Send your clients a security newsletter that’s not as boring as Sh*&! But a newsletter that has something interesting and entertaining for your clients….something that draws them in, captures their interests and makes them look forward to future issues….all the while subliminally selling and up-selling your services and conditioning its readers to generate a tsunami of referrals for you. If your interested in such a newsletter, you can get one FREE! – my Service That Soars (TM) quarterly client newsletter is included as a bonus gift for members of my Smokin’ Security Newsletter. If you’d like to test drive it for FREE click here.

3- Offer extraordinary quality and value to clients.

  • This is brain-dead easy: Doing a wicked-awesome security install and offering “out of this world” end-user training is not mandatory, but is absolutely imperative for those of you who want to grow and prosper in this new economy.
  • Teach your techs to a “little extra something” for your clients and then have them tell the clients about the little extra something they did. This will create a *magic moment* for your clients where they will see the extra value that is being delivered to them by your company.

If you implement these suggestions, you can charge Mo’ money for your services because in the minds of your clients you’re company is better, more valuable and simply irresistible!

Mind Control
Security marketing isn’t really about selling products. It about controlling the customers’ perception and opinion about your company’s services that you deliver to their door steps.

Gotta run, it’s game time!

Have a Gr8 weekend!


– Bob

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