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“Mansy” Marketing…Riches in Niches!

Because I recieved so many emails on my Victoria’s Secret Blog post about that half naked guy in a women’s bathing suit….I’ve brought him back just for you guys!

I ran this article in my Smokin’ Security Newsletter about 2 years ago and if you are a Smokin’ Newsletter subscriber then you already know that I like to push the envelope.

I think with this exhibit I’m doing it’s more as a lesson than to offend anyone— you know I’d never do that (kid ya not!) Heres the story behind this story, (there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here so listen up!)

Well,  I was in Boston having lunch in the financial district by my lonely self (my wife was on fashionable Newbury Street getting her locks colored and trimmed—oh, if her hairdresser, Jeffrey, back home only knew! He charges Newbury St. prices in “Woosta”.  But he is really good—he does my locks, too!)

Anyway, I’m sitting at this pretty hip sandwich shop called “The Press”, sinking my choppers into an amazing “Cuban Steak” sandwich and flipping the pages of this local trendy magazine called the “Improper Bostonian” when this ad—and my food– jumped out at me!  I S#@& you not, I almost chocked to death on my delicious sandwich right there and then ! I was hacking it up!

When I ever laid eyes on “The Mansy” (by of all athletic clothing designers—lululemon!  My wife wears that stuff to the gym and it’s not cheap!)  I almost fainted.  I saw “The Mansy” for the first time in my adult life that day, and I realized that I was not a “Mansy.” Thank Goodness!

My first quick thought, when I saw the ad, was that it was Borat Sagdiyev from Kazakhstan in his mockumentary  Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of  Kazakhstan.

But, after closer observation with only one eye opened (I was squeamish looking at it)  I did see that this gentleman’s name was Derrick Belcham. He is the self-proclaimed “Men’s Naked Yoga Guru” who hails from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Now, if this guy calls himself a “guru” then anyone can!  I always harp on clients and coaching members to call themselves a “Guru” or some sort of self proclaim expert or  to create some sort of proprietary name for themselves. Cuz there’s nothing like being called an “Expert”. I’m not into Yoga at all, but my wife is, and she’s never heard of this dude.  What does that mean?  Nothing at all.

Within his “Naked Yoga” niche, he is probably very famous indeed and has a cult-following, a blog, etc.   I haven’t checked that out yet—nor will I.  But the fact is the company lululemon, which makes high-end athletic clothing, probably cut Derrick a check  for $10K to put on this “Borat” costume and model his manly wares on this beautiful beach in Vancouver.  That says enough about him and his celebrity status within the “Naked Yoga”  community.

I would, however, like to make one suggestion to Derrick if he’ll be wearing “The Mansy” in future events.  Please invest in a good electrolysis or buy yourself some shaving cream and a Norelco and liberally trim away!

You must always “Remember That Riches Are Made In Niches” I don’t think SDM could pay me enough to do a  full color spread called “Naked Security Marketing Guru”, no not even for $20K, I’m way too modest. One more time now—“Celebrity Status Within a Niche Equals Riches”.  So go find yourself a niche!

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