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Marketing AD Mashup & Your Marketing Questions Answered!

This will be a quickie security marketing blog  post today, I’m running  out the door to  meet my wife and two beautiful little girls, at Finders Pub, to grab a quick bite to eat and call it a day.  This is a real cool video that my wife Natasha shot of  me doing a marketing mash up in my kitchen.  I’ll show you how I  generate  more security marketing ideas then you can shake a stick at.

I only have time to answer one question today from the “Ask Bob”  section of my website (Sorry for those of you who submitted questions this week,  I’m going to have a ton of questions to answer next week so check back in!). Here’s goes, the question is from Roger:

1) Bob, I’m getting to be an older guy with a lot of commitments, (older and wiser I always tell me wife!) Any ideas for how I can generate more sales leads  with less effort on my part?

Roger, that’s a great question, if you find another answer, besides the one I’m about to give you, please let me know because… The only way  I know how to do it, is that dirty four letter word called “W – O – R – K.”  What I mean by that is I have done a ton of work ( and spent a ton of cash) when I first began to really market my security business. Over the years (really through trial and error) I’ve  built up some truly magnetic systems that attract “HOT”  qualified security prospects to my front door!

Roger, what  you need to do right now is  create a mix of marketing systems that can eventually be set to autopilot. When your marketing is set on autopilot it will enable you to take more time off, and  spend it with the wife and kids,  kick back and enjoy your life.

You can’t have a marketing system in which your essentially a one trick pony (only one way of attracting clients). You want to create a mix of attraction systems. To do this, I would first recommend a basic referral system,  then I would add  a monthly client newsletter, then you could start doing Business or Home Security seminars for groups in your local market. If you have a website, how about doing some Google PPCs  (Pay Per Clicks). By combining these mediums you are expanding your marketing  universe exponteinally, you will always have a flood of HOT security leads pouring into your business.  I gotta roll, it’s pouring rain up here in Worceter, Ma…. And I’m outta this office!… Have a great weekend… “The Best is Yet To Be”

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