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Security Dealer’s Questions and Answers – Download Your Copy of “The Power of the Clipboard”

Just catching up on a some house cleaning today, had some question that have been sent in to the “Ask Bob” column that I want to answer this lovely Friday. So here we go.

The Doctor That Wants To Be A Security Dealer…

Hi Security Marketing GURU,

I want to start a home security business can you please point me in the direction of where I can get the products and training. Once I get this part done I will contact you for your courses.

Thank You,

Dr. Mark C.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Hey Dr. Mark,

I appreciate your question the electronic security marketing is a great business to be in, the hair stands up on the next of my neck when I think of all the opportunity out there for security dealers and low voltage installers, who aren’t afraid to go to work ON there business and not IN there business.

This market will continue to grow by leaps and bounds for the rest of my natural life and when I’m long gone this market  has unlimited potential and unlimited opportunity , for the security entrepreneur who is wearing binoculars instead of bifocals.

Here is a quote from Bill Gates that will get your “money glands” salivating, “The only industry that changes faster then technology is fashion”.  We just so happen to be in technology industry, and if you understand that security is fashion on steroid, in the sense that it always changes, you’ll never, ever have to worry about your next new prospect.

You see the security industry is always about change, new technology upgrades, adding exotic electronic gizmo that will allow you to create multiple new streams of RMR (recurring monthly revenue)

But this depends if you have a pair of binoculars, or if your wearing bifocals.

Here are seven quick things to get you started learning the electronic security industry.

1-    Subscribe to the security industry trade magazines: SDM – Security Dealer and Marketing, and SSI – Security Sales and Integration.  See if they will send ya a years worth of back issues this will bring you up to speed real quick with industry jargon, and all the latest cutting edge security products.

2-    Call the local ADI (alarm supply house). I think there might be a branch in Carson, CA. Just ask the branch manger when is the next time there having in house training product training on residential security system.

3-    I can’t speak for the state of California, but I’m sure you’ll have to work for a licensed security contractor to get your training and your apprentice hours in. We have a ton of SMG clients out in Cally, that we can point you in the right direction if your looking to get your training under a reputable alarm company.

4-    Another right-smart idea is to order up an alarm system for home and just learn how to program the panel and make it sing, and learn all the in’s and outs of programming an alarm panel.

5-    Last but not least stay plugged in to my website , for the #1 security marketing strategies that get you clients to Stay, Pay, and Refer.

Dr. Mark, that should be more the enuff ideas to get you cruising in the right direction.

Here’s a PDF that you can download titled the “The Power of The Clipboard,” why every security dealer and security rep should be conducting themselves like a Doctor. I have covered this topic exclusively in my Smokin Security Newsletter.


It’s there for your taking, just download the pdf and *implement* the strategy in your security sales presentation. Knowledge is not power, unless it is backed by massive ACTION.

Happy Installations!

Selling Yourself!

Hi Bob,

My company is small 2 techs office lady and 3 part time sales. Really 3 people so I am owner/sales/install/ service. So do I want to promote myself? I have mostly played the just a tech to look bigger than we are is this a mistake?

Charlie C.
Oklahoma City, OK

Hey Charlie,

The only time size is an issue is if you were rolling out the security systems for the new 350 stores that  Oreck Clean Home Center stores that are opening up across the US in 2009, or if you there’s a contract do the security system upgrade on the Federal Penitentiary that’s out to bid in Okie. That’s the only time you need to concern yourself with size.

Your doing a pretty good job employing 3 part sales reps and an office lady, and two techs.
Also you’re a security entrepreneur that is building his security business, and it just so happens you happen to wear multiples hats to keep the whole sha-bang rolling.

Your clients are more concerned how they are being “treated and serviced”, for the most part your clients and prospects don’t care how big you are they just want to know how much you care about them.


Door to Door Security Sales Reps

Hi Bob,
Interesting article on Door to Door as Missionaries, Then as Salesmen, what are your thought s on it Bob? Should we recruit these hired guns?

Atlanta, GA

Howdy Victor,

I think Pinnacle Security love them or hate them, has a great system for Door to Door canvassing. This is security marketing pillar that is often over look when a dealer is looking to increase his residential security sales. I think if it’s done right it can be wildly successful.

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