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Mass Notification…Meets Walt Disney…Equals Steriods!

Mass Notification Systems

One of the hottest security niches in the pipeline for the next decade are, Emergency Mass Notification Systems. I covered this topic on a previous audio success CD for the Smokin’ Security Newsletter a few months back but here it is in a‘Cliff Notes’ version.

Mass Notification Security Marketing A Mass Notification System is an Emergency Alert System that will broadcast a message across an industrial plant, a campus, a town, a city, in seconds. Putting the word out that something important or dangerous is going down. The various niches (I always say “The Riches are in Niches”… go find yourself a profitable security niche, and become the go-2-guy in that niche) this product can be sold to are  the following vertical markets: Defense & Military, Government Agencies, Emergency Management Agencies, Commercial & Industrial and (especially) Higher Education.

Mass Notification Messages can be sent by way of SMS, Phone, Fax, E-mail, Signage, RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication), Website, Facebook, IM (Instant Message), count’em these emergency notification systems have a minimum of nine (9) different mediums to get the word out, to let you know when the %$#( is about to  hit the fan. I really like this technology; it’s high performance multi model alerting. Mass Notification is not relying on just one (1) method to notify a person/group of people that there is imminent danger/distress, heck no, they’re using every medium in the book to alert you if disaster is gonna strike.

I have some killer DM pieces I’m going to be mailing out later this spring to some local colleges and universities, talking about the importance of HPMMA (High Performance Multi-Model Alerting) and how my security company excels in integrating these types of systems.

Walt Disney…

One of my all time favorite quotes is from Walt Disney, he summed up his entire business model in this one quote…. “Do What You Do So Well And So Uniquely That People Can’t Resist Telling Other People About You,” this is the recipe for a super successful Security or Low-Voltage business, and a happy home life. Cuz when security installs are rolling in the door instead of trickling in like a leaky faucet you don’t have to worry about being able to take your wife and kids for some killer steaks at The Capital Grille.

walt-disney-and-mickey-mouseI know money isn’t everything and I don’t mean to say that it is but hugs and kisses don’t pay the bills either!  The quality of your home and business life is very much proportional to the amount of security deals in your pipeline. Keep yourself in a stable cash position with referral generation based marketing that will bring smokin’ hot, pre-qualified leads to your front door.

Having a proven and profitable security marketing system or heck for that matter an alarm systen marketing system, or a CCTV marketing plan… You have to get the word out…

Burn This Into Your Subconscious Mind…

The friendlier you are, the easier it is to do business with you and the more security ideas you can inspire in your client’s brains. The MORE over the top your security service is and the more you deliver beyond what you promise, the more the “WORD” will be spread about you and your security company like a wild fire.


Now what if you took the Walt Disney quote “Do What You Do So Well And So Uniquely That People Can’t Resist Telling Other People About You.” and you incorporated that into a Mass Notification System where you use nine (9) mediums Phones, Faxes, E-mail, Signage, RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication), Web, Facebook, IM (Instant Messaging), to get the “WORD” out about your biz. Your growth would be off the charts… Now that is what I call some HIGH PERFORMANCE “WOD” (Word of Mouth). By the way all the stuff I’m touching on right now is being covered extensively with real world examples on implementing these strategies into your Security or Low-Voltage Business in April’s issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter.

Doom and Gloom…

ddbbkk-cooking-photoIn the midst of Doom and Gloom, in the midst of chaos, there are opportunities. When the world is in a state of constant flux (like right now!) there are bunches of killer security marketing opportunities that are literally waiting on your doorstep. But these opportunities are reserved for only for the security entrepreneur who doesn’t think like the rest of the pack….

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