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Maximum Security Profits

Let’s get right to the point, I’m selling the June issue of The Smokin’ Security Newsletter™ and this issue is a BEAST! It includes:

Special Report – # 1 – 11 Brain-Dead Easy Ways To Turbo-Charge Your Direct Mail and Attract More Clients That Pay, Stay and Refer!
I’ve identified 11 things you need to know to create a compelling direct marketing offer and, with it, lure a stampede of new clients. The highest and best use of your time is sales and marketing, not installing!

Special Report – # 2 – The 9 Critical “X” Factors
I’ve identified NINE Critical “X” Factors my clients and members have that makes their super security businesses Maximum Security Profits (MSP). Wouldn’t you like to know what they are?

Special Report – # 3 – Fast Growth In A Slow Economy
At this point, most security entrepreneurs would probably prefer to forget about 2008, 2009, 2010, and a good chunk of 2011. Inside this special report, discover 5 foolproof ways you can turn your company around on a dime.

Audio Success CD – How To Design Mega-PIXEL CCTV SYSTEMS
Australian CCTV Guru, Tim Norton, spills the beans on how to design, install, and implement a profitable Mega-Pixel CCTV system. He tells you how to use “observe” and “detect” cameras in your CCTV audits to create interest with your prospects.

Summer Quarterly Client Newsletter – Service That Soars – that’s mailed out to all your prospects and clients.

To get your hands on the June issue of The Smokin’ Security Newsletter™, Click Here!

For Those of You Still Sitting on The Corral Fence:

Here’s 8 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Sending

Your Herd of Clients a Company Newsletter!


Creating The Coveted “Halo” Effect

A newsletter is a great way to share your industry knowledge with your clients. You can produce articles of any size and length about security and place it in your newsletter. You will soon achieve that “HALO” effect as a recognized security expert in your clients’ eyes and they will see the value of your security service and low voltage services.

Tsunami of Referrals

The best way to get referrals is to just ask! It’s so-so important to have a security marketing system to ask your clients for a referral every time you come in contact with them (aka Robotic Security Selling ™). Each time you or your techs see a client, you should be asking for a referral. As the saying goes, what you don’t ask for you don’t get.

You should have a security marketing system in place that has different referral pieces for different occasions. Let me give you a few examples: a company newsletter—the most important because it’s in your customer’s face 4-12 times per year, a client survey sent to your customers after work is done that asks how well you performed the security install and also asks for a referral, a door knocker placed on your client’s neighbors doors letting the neighborhood know you’re doing work next door and asking if they are in need of your services (a reverse referral really), a referral letter that you mail to your clients, etc. I have all these pieces and more in my Security Maverick Coaching Program arsenal.

Stealth Bomb Marketing

A properly written and executed newsletter (one that trains clients to pay, stay and refer) is truly a “Guerilla” method of marketing. By sending it out to your “happy” clients and “interested” prospects (a.k.a. your fan base), they become an evangelical security marketing sales force, and the best sales reps you could ever have working for your company. If the newsletter is written properly with referral mechanisms and triggers in place, it will persuade your clients into referring your services.

Your competition will never know how you attract all of the top-shelf clients in your town. The newsletter works behind the scenes that trains your clients to Pay, Stay and Refer!

Introduce New Services & Feature Products

Introducing new security services and electronic security products in your newsletter is a great way to truly present the comprehensive nature of your security business. You should present you new products and services in educational content, for example: What is the difference between a proxy reader and a biometric reader?: Is video monitoring right for you? By featuring products/services this way, you’ll really make your inquiries grow.

Old School vs Digital

According to a Standard & Poors study, people prefer to have a newsletter or written material mailed to them, despite the growing use of the web for distribution of marketing material. The study showed 1/3 of the respondents preferred printed copies, 41% preferred both print and electronic while only 5% preferred an online version.

As I’m writing this post right now I have a stack of catalogs from J.Crew, L.L. Bean, Lands End and Nordies sitting right next to me. If these big companies are sending out catalogs (and they send them out more than once a month!) that should tell you a whole heck of a lot about how and why they are successful.

The Bloody Cost of New Client Acquisition

It takes anywhere from 6 to 15 times the amount of money to attract new clients than it does to keep your current clients coming back for more stuff. Sending a printed newsletter, on a consistent basis, is the simplest and brain-dead easiest way to keep your clients coming back for more, more, more!

Building an Impenetrable Corral Around Your Client Base

Creating a “personality” for you and your company has a lifelong bonding effect. The more you share your hobbies, travels and lifestyle with your clients the more bonding goes on. Clients get a sense that they really know you and you, in turn, are breaking down the trust barrier and building a foundation for lifelong clients and a ton of referrals! The same goes for your office staff and your security techs. Share thumb-nail sketches about your staff and your technicians and watch how clients start to bond with your employees, but, even better, see how they start to feel about you…Get your clients feeling all warm and fuzzy about ya’ll!

Texas Oil Fields – Financial Castles

Your clients will perceive your security services as high-end. What security business owner, in their right mind, would want to be perceived as anything less?.

I was reading a survey from Standard & Poors, and it stated that businesses that send printed newsletters are viewed as more stable and are regarded as having a higher level of customer service.

Now, I sure hope you see the value in sending out a quarterly or monthly newsletter. Once you get started, it really isn’t so hard. You’ll actually grow to love it! For those of you who can’t see themselves putting a monthly newsletter together or just plain simply don’t have the time or desire to put one together, then you’re in luck!

Go to and click on the Security Marketing Products and Services tab. You’ll find my Smokin’ Security Newsletter™ info there. Sign up for my Smokin’ Security Newsletter™…there’s a special offer for new subscribers: for $5.95, you’ll get a current issue, plus 2 past issues, plus my 4 favorite audio success CD’s. As a subscriber to my Smokin’ Security Newsletter, you’ll get a quarterly client newsletter, called Service That Soars™. You can simply print it and mail it to your heard of clients….it’s that simple!

Special Summer Report – The 9 Critical X Factors – I’ve identified NINE Critical X Factors my clients and members have that makes their super security businesses Maximum Security Profits (MSP). This report was was written as a quick check to see if you’re on the right track. Discover right now the nine factors you’ll need to master and focus on to create your own successful Maximum Security Profits In Minimum Time.

To get your hands on the June issue of The Smokin’ Security Newsletter™, Click Here!

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