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Mister Rogers Neighborhood + Ghetto Marketing At Its Best

I almost drove over an elderly lady with her walker to get this photo. Talk about having marketing that resonates with your local marketplace. I was driving through the hood when I fell in love with this sign for Ghetto Mix + Hood Spray… I said no freakin’ way would anyone put that sign up, but Mr. Rogers Pest Control would… LMAO


I think Mr Rogers has done an awesome job branding his pest control company for his local market by using Ghetto Mix + Hood Spray for cockroaches, bed bugs, and rodents. He’s driving a brand new Cadillac CTS, so he must being doing something right. You should always have packaging and pricing that speaks to your marketplace.


On top of that, Mr Rogers has a live neighborhood radio show to educate his local marketplace and to position himself as the local bug goo-roo. This is a strategy that everyone should take and run with it. Plus, Mr. Rogers is selling radio & website ads on his radio show and on his website – this is pure ghetto brilliance, no pun intended.

Stay Awesome


Profit Trigger – Can you host your own local internet radio to position yourself as the security guy to-go-to in your marketplace?

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