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Must Read: Security Entrepreneur vs. Security Proprietor

I like the following quote from Peter Drucker on being a Proprietor. Make sure you read it several times so that you understand the difference between an entrepreneur and a proprietor, because the very last thing you want to be is a proprietor.

Peter-DruckerPeter Drucker

“A proprietor is a business owner who pretty much adds nothing meaningful to the business category they address.”

For example, an Italian restaurant or a deli that does pretty much the same thing the same way every other one does it—adds little (if any) real value to the marketplace – other than (maybe) convenience of location.

Certainly the business owner (proprietor) is banking on the market expanding to embrace his or her offerings, but they don’t make the experience any better. They don’t redefine the concept. They don’t innovate the model or the product | service offering. It’s just another deli or spaghetti joint.

On the other hand, a true security entrepreneur is a business owner committed to continuously innovating – innovating how they conduct business, and what they offer, innovating the experience people encounter, innovating the way the product | service gets delivered | presented | innovating the product | service itself.

Drucker didn’t say it, but I see a proprietor as someone who sets up a generic business model that’s non-descript, one that takes oxygen out of the air and cash out of commerce, but, frankly, contributes back very little exceptional value to the market beyond the “mere” self-serving commodity aspect of their product | service offer.

Drucker – squarely sized up the difference between a proprietor and an entrepreneur. The proprietor (he says) merely does what has been done by thousands before them. They don’t try to create a new satisfaction, experience or consumer demand. All the proprietor does is hope they can tap into existing demand.

An entrepreneur creates something new, creates new experiences, new satisfaction, new definition of what they do. Entrepreneurs create something different – more exciting, more satisfying, more desirable or valuable to the market.

They change, transform or transmute values. Entrepreneurs focus on changing reference models. They find ways to improve, redefine products/service experience, the process. Perhaps, MOST importantly, entrepreneurs make a truly positive impact on their market.

They are committed to being “game changers” – true innovators who renew, shift, alter, redefine their marketplace position and product. They multiply the benefits, magnify the experience, maximize the advantage–FOR the consumer. It’s ALL about benefiting the client | consumer!

True entrepreneurs require no certainty, instead they “feed on” opportunity. They use their problems for the fuel of achievement, and they look at challenges are obstacles to be overcome and used as a competitive advantages.

Probably the biggest differentiation between being a value creator or a “commerce siphon” is whether or not your business is based on purposeful, impact, and innovation vs. pure profit motivation. Profit today, more than any time in the past, is a by-product of contribution and the amount of VALUE that your business adds to the marketplace.

If you’re a proprietor, you need to convert and become a “Born Again” Security Entrepreneur. How? Try this out:

4 Ways To Becoming a “BORN AGAIN” Security Entrepreneur
1- Become supremely receptive to seeing change in marketing, change in clients | prospects | and consumer buying habits, and changes in competitive offering as an opportunity rather than a threat.

2 – Continuously evaluate your business and its performance as an innovator | value creator in as many critical categories as possible, i.e. marketing, new technology, new products, value added, client experience, energetic service technicians, performance.

3 – Become literally obsessed with discovery, development, perfecting new things – new ways of marketing, new ways of delivering your products | service, new ways of improving the client experience.

4 – Learn to overcome resistance to innovation, by wanting | craving continuous breakthroughs in marketing, strategy, innovation, your business model, your competitive positioning in your marketplace.

Any business owner who tries to hold on to the “status quo” will lose ground, quickly and rapidly. Recognize the importance of innovation and the fact that it takes time and resource allocation and investment to come to fruition.

See your world differently than your competitor, and stop thinking like a “ham & egger” proprietor and move forward boldly as a SECURITY ENTREPRENEUR to reap the bountiful rewards.

Just like in Silicon Valley, you either innovate or you die.

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Stay Awesome!

Bob Maunsell

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