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My Fave Super Bowl Ad + Random Acts Of Kindness

What an outstanding Super Bowl that was, one to remember for the ages (but not for its ads). Unfortunately, the team I was rooting for lost – the San Francisco 49ers, but hats off to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the Super Bowl Sunday night. The ads during the big game are known for being over the top with a bill-yon + eyeballs glued to the set and absorbing everything in, it’s obviously a great time to advertise. This year, however, the ads didn’t rate as well as they did last year.

My fave Super Bowl commercial was the Coca-Cola ad, and here’s why:

With an eye on the world 24/7, security cameras have proven an invaluable tool in the fight against crime. But with such unfettered access to the comings and goings of modern life, they also capture the more light-hearted, quirky and heroic moments of the day. This has been seized upon by Coca-Cola, which has compiled a montage of CCTV footage from around the globe to create a new, meaningful advertisement.

Clips include a couple stealing a kiss on a park bench and an apparent mugging which turns out to be a guy jumping onto the back of an unwitting friend.

They also show heartwarming honesty in a man who finds what appears to be a purse or phone on the pavement and immediately hands it to the woman who dropped it.

They even cast light on some incredible bravery when a man is seen pushing a broken-down van off a railway track seconds before the train hurtles by him. Coke have used it to coin the phrase “Let’s look at the world a little differently”, but some may feel it emphasises the Big Brother nature of the modern world. Either way, you should find it a fascinating watch.

Click The Video Below To Watch The Coca Cola Video And
Get Inspired About Mankind


  1. Chris Shine says

    Hi Bob,

    You have sent me some increditable and valuable information. I will be joining you soon as I now have business investments things going on.

    Your information is priceless Bob. Well hook up soon. Great work you do.


  2. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Chris,

    I appreciate the kind words. No worries, whenever your ready.


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