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My Notorious 8 Panel Security Business Card


Hey Boys and Girls,

I’ve been getting a ton of questions lately about my 8 panel business card. So there it is up above,  my pride and joy. Im sorry I can’t get any closer on the pictures because, I’m sure my clients who have had me design this card for them would not be too happy :)

Panel 1: Is a picture of yours truly, presenting myself to the potential client as the face of my company. Using two subtle little “psychological triggers” in the brief copy, I posistion myself as the “Obvious Expert” and the one to be trusted with their security installation.

Panel 2: Is a brief 250 word message from myself to the potential client, loaded with essential “trigger phrases,” and outling my expierence in the security industry, while keying on why my company is a tier 1 security integration company. Complete with an authentic signature from yours truly.

Panel 3:
Is the contact information for my sales reps who work 24/7 365 days a year, they don’t even get Christmas off! I work these guys like slaves. Are you wondering how I afford that kind of payroll…..? Give them a call at 1-800-898-1366

Panel 4:
Is what I like to call my “Shocking Services” page. I give a brief list of the expert services I offer and there are even a few killer testimonials from some well known local companies.

Panel 5 – 6: These panels each contain a whole page testimonial letter from a couple of my “fanatical clients.” They are complete with a color picture and full contact information. If you find a ballsier guarantee on a companies work than placing two full page client testimonials from well known local companies, on a business card WITH contact information than please let me know!

Panel 7:
Is for all of the “coupon fanatics” out there, (hey who doesn’t love a great offer to save a few bucks, like free popcorn at the movies, thats a $4.85 savings up here in Taxachusettes!). I’ve been running this special offer for over 7 years now and I can’t even begin to tell you the sales figures I’ve posted off this “hay-maker”.

Panel 8:
Lists my 10 incredible guarantees. My client “bill of rights” as its been dubbed. It’s all right there in black and white, clear as crystal. I even snuck in a little challenge to my competition at the bottom.

Alright if your looking to get your hands on this WMCP (weapon of mass client production) the copy and graphic design layout is going to cost you $497.00, WAIT… BUT HOLD ON….as a special bonus to my Smokin’ Newsletter Subscribers and Security Maverick Coaching Members its there’s FREE after two months of subscrition. Why…you might ask? Because a “knock-out” business card is one of THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ways to attract and retain more clients. And that’s what myself and my programs are all about, helping security and low-voltage dealers attract and retain more clients for life!

Thank You,

Bob Maunsell

Security Marketing Guru

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