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My Predications For 2012 (Protecting The Family Jewels)

For U.S. service men serving over in Iraq and Afghanistan, protecting the family jewels is a top priority. For one British company, it’s a business plan. BCB International, based in Cardiff, Wales, is marketing its bomb-blocking boxers as a means of protection against  IED Blast (improvised explosive devices) in Iraq and Afghanistan. Called Blast Boxers, The boxers include a knitted Kevlar panel that covers the groin from front to back and extends to the inside of the thighs to protect against femoral artery injuries.

I want to give you your own set of Blast Boxers for your security business, so you don’t lose your family jewels in this treacherous economy.

1 – Your Real Assets
“What is the single most important asset you have in your security business right now?  And, are you insuring it against loss, disaster, poor technician or poor staff performance, and the like?

Let me tell you that the Asset I’m referring to is not…

Your equipment
Your vans
Your technicians
Your office
Your office staff

Nope. None of these amount to a hill of beans when compared to the most critical Asset of all.

What’s funny, though, is this: We all believe, erroneously, that even though all these things are not the most important parts that make up our security businesses, we should insure them so in the event there is disaster, at least you’ll live through it with someone else picking up the tab.  Think of all the insurances we pay for…van insurance, tool insurance, business liability insurance, worker’s comp insurance, property insurance, health insurance, dental insurance and life insurance. We’re insured up to the WAZOOO!

But I bet you’re not insuring the one single Asset that can provide you with all the business you need to live the lifestyle you want. Heck, a fair amount of you probably don’t pay a lick of attention to the Asset, or, if you do, you don’t pay very much at all.

I hope you’ve guessed what the single most important Asset you have in your security business is by now…if not, it’s MARKETING! A killer security marketing system will immunize your business against ANY down economy and will provide you with cream of the crop clients that Pay, Stay and Refer!

Is your security marketing system set up and ready to start rolling in new clients and referrals, on a regular basis, for 2012 and beyond?

2 – Online Advertising Ain’t Cheap
Long gone are the days of $2.50 PPC (Pay Per Click) for each home alarm system click through. Nowadays, you’re paying $15.00 for the very same PPC with same keywords. Isn’t paying .44 cents for a First Class Stamp looking like a damn good deal right now?

Online-offline integration is the name of the game. I know a surprising number of sharp-as-a-tack security honchos  who are making big bucks with radio advertising. And almost all the best security marketers I know are using direct mail profitably.

3- Not Having A “BRASS BALLS” Guarantee and Great Assurances In Your Business Will Cost You A Fortune!
Most security dealers/integrators rely on guarantees and warranties to carry the water, but fail to “connect the dots” for the customer so that they serve as proof.

Here are a real good one:

You’re Gonna Be Smiling Big After You’ve Had Your Security System Installed Or Serviced By My Company
If you are experiencing security problems or are paying more attention to your security needs these days, then you owe it to yourself to get the best possible education, on the security solutions available to you, based on your unique requirements.

Thus the reason for our FREE 32-Point On-Site Security Audit (a $125 value) and the multitude of Free Security Reports available on our website. We want to help you make knowledgeable and well-informed decisions BEFORE you invest a dime on security!

4- Not Using Brain-Dead, Simple Arithmetic In Your Sales Presentations
It’s very common, and usually wise, to use math comparisons to minimize or even trivialize your price. For example, a $10,000.00 video surveillance system investment cost $1.14 per hour ($10,0000.00 / 8,760 hours) to protect your convenience store over a year. The cameras and the DVR protect against the loss of cigarettes getting boosted, and employees punching in late.

On average, our nation score is lower than just about any other civilized country in the world in our math abilities – although we spend more per student on public education than most others do. So don’t you DARE leave math calculations or reasoning in the hands of your prospects.  Math done well can be extremely reassuring. When it reaches the stage of: “any fool can see this is an amazing, tremendous value – so you would have to be a fool not to grab it,” serves as both motivational and reassuring.

5 – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Photos CAN trump a thousand words. As proof, photos of clients (they should all have most of their teeth) that show people happily enjoying your security system, sound system, guard service, etc. But make it real…photos of people with their testimonials. Photos of people standing in front of their homes or businesses. Take some corny ones too and show that these are real people, real clients who really enjoy your services. In various controlled tests that attempted to measure trust, photos of married couples almost always beat photos of singe individuals; photos of people with pets outperform those without those cute little critters.

6 – The Dirty Little Secret About RMR
Your RMR will only grow to the extent that you grow as a business person. What you can not and will not outperform is your own self-image. Everyone in the security industry talks about how you can make a fortune in the industry, which is true. What they fail to say is that you have to work on your self image, your self esteem/business-esteem, your business acumen, your technical savvy, your sales and marketing expertise, your people skills and hone the ability to stick to it when the going gets tough and the tough get going.

7 – The Power Of “One”
Having “ONE” security technician with all your technical knowledge and proprietary installation techniques walk out the door, for a $1.00 more per hour raise, to a competitor and leave you stranded. This is why it’s so important to have a team of techs that area all “CROSS-TRAINED” on all the security systems and installation techniques, so that your not co-dependant on any one security tech that can hold you hostage if he or she walks out the door.

8 – Queen Bee vs. Worker Bee
The most difficult thing for a security entrepreneur to do is to quit the worker-bee $15.00 an-hour-work (i.e. running to the supply house, cleaning out the service van, putting paper in the fax machine) so they rarely get to the queen-bee $1,000.00 an-hour-work : marketing for the biz to bring in high qualified new security customers, pre-disposed to do business  with you.

To market your security business, to attract new customers and keep these customers coming back and referring new clients to you, requires that you systematically reduce the dependency of the security business on you. Don’t overlook this step. This is the “secret honey” to becoming financially independent through owning your own security business.

9 – Manual Selling Sucks!
One of the cornerstone of a Robotic Security Selling Business is having a sales letter, newsletter, email, post card in place that can do your selling for you. A sales rep can only talk with one prospect at a time, a sales letter can talk to hundreds and thousands of prospects at a time. Which do you think is more effective? It’s all about MULTIPLIED SALESMANSHIP!

10 – Being Perceived As A Legit Security Expert
Are your prospects tuning you out and not accepting your security recommendations? Have you been commoditized as JUST another security company – even though you have thousands upon thousands of hours of real world security knowledge that has battle tested knowledge for stopping thieves dead in their tracks? Doesn’t it really piss you off when you lose a security install to a lesser competitor?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to my questions, then maybe it’s because, even with all your worldly security knowledge, your prospects still see you as a generalist instead of the highly coveted expert, celebrity, authority, or specialist in your field.

11- Building An Invisible Fence
A client newsletter creates an almost unbreakable bond that withstands economic uncertainty, and it keeps your clients loyal to your company. It also prevents your clients from jumping ship for low-ball competitors. This is truly the BEST internal security marketing strategy that you can deploy.

12 – Creating A Memorable  Experience
You need to be par excellence. You need to be what Mercedes Benz is to the auto industry. We know live in an economy where folks are looking for and demanding some kind of meaningful and memorable experience when they make a purchase. And will pay more for it…they expect to!

The BIG question for you is, how can you take and reinvent your security company into an experience that leaves an indelible memory for your clients, and defines you versus all the the other security guys & gals in your area?

13 – What Social Media Marketing Really Is Not
It’s not a sales channel to increase your sales for selling your security systems. You’re not going to vastly increase your sales with a FaceBook Fan Page. Social media is more like a focus group and a way to continue the conversation and increase awareness about your security company. The only person making money in social media is Mark Zuckerberg.

14 – Mobile Marketing Massive Potential
Smart phones are ubiquitous and in every one’s pocket. You can’t deny the power of the mobile marketplace. App development is going to continue, and the smart phone, QR codes, PURLS, mobile websites, and free recorded messages all that stuff will continue to boost the ability to integrate security marketing online and offline. So your smart telly-phone is a direct response marketing tool that should not be ignored.

Protecting The Family Jewels & Adding More Zeros To Your Bottom Line
Hope you enjoyed my predictions for 2012. The only thing standing between you and and extra $50,000.00 in your bank account is YOU!

Now Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

**Hey, Do you want to post my articles up on your blog? Go right ahead! Just kindly cite your source and give a link back to my page.Thanks!**

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