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Never STOP Educating Your Security Techs


Are you aware that your security techs can be a marvelous source of upselling and referrals. In order to be extremely successful, the techs have to believe in it too. Educating your technicians is key.

Educating your techs on the importance of taking exceptional care of your clients, and making sure clients are super happy with the system/service they received. Also, teach your techs how to upsell other services and get referrals after the sale. You will create mini-sales reps out of your techs!

Motivation is another huge element. Motivating your techs to be super good at what they do and kind and caring with clients will serve you extremely well. praise your technicians and reward them for work well done. I guarantee you will be blown away by the meed your company reaps :)

This is what will happen when you educate & motivate your techs:
Your security techs will start up-selling a lot more. If they don’t know why a security maintenance contract is necessary and helpful for the client then they won’t sell it. But if you educate your technicians they’ll know the benefits and be much more likely to try and sell the security maintenance contract.

Your Security Techs are a wealth of referrals. If they don’t think your security company is exceptional, they won’t refer anyone to your business. But if you “teach” them the WHO, WHAT and WHY your security company is so awesome, and that they are part of that awesomeness, then they’ll be on board helping to get referrals and telling folks about their wonderful security company.

An educated security tech is much better suited to help out or answer questions from a client. Clients get wicked annoyed when they ask a security technician a question and they don’t know anything. Plus, it reflects poorly on the company.

CANI = Constant And Never Ending Improvement
As Tony Robbins would say CANI = Constant And Never Ending Improvement, you should be constantly educate and helping your security technicians on a regular basis to improve. Get them jacked up about working for such an awesome security company. Education and motivation are the keys to the kingdom to having wicked awesome security technicians, and increased profits in the process.

Talk to you later, hombre!


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