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Opportunity & Luxury Problems

You won’t be hearing much out of me over the next 3 weeks. I’m taking the whole family on a European vacation for Christmas and the New Year. We’ll begin our vacation in Brussels, then visit Amsterdam, Cologne & Dusseldorf, then on to Paris for the new year. It will be an awesome trip and the kids are stoked. They can’t wait to leave!

Opportunity & Luxury Problems
I recently had a conversation with a security integrator who was complaining that he had too much work, too many leads coming in, technicians seeking raises, sales reps looking for a bigger piece of the action, and administrative assistants that aren’t pulling their weight.

This security integrator is actually making a very hefty salary and building up his RMR at a nice clip. He’s able to take vacations with his family to exotic locations and pretty much buy anything that he wants within reason.

I told him that there are a lot of security folks out there who would cut off their right arm to have your security business. You have these “Opportunity & Luxury Problems” because you run a great organization, and do a bang up job taking care of your clients, along with the fact that you provide very generous pay and benefits for your team members.stressed-out

The Gateway Drug To Living A Better Life
Shoot anyone (myself included) can get jaded and start complaining and bitching and moaning about all the little things in life that drive us mad.

Let’s be honest my friend, a lot of our stress comes from feeling overwhelmed and feeling downright sorry for ourselves. We’re so wrapped up in how many things we have to do that we can’t see how good we really have it made.

If you own a security firm or have a good position as a sales rep or a security technician, and you have the absolute freedom to go to work every day, you’re one of the lucky bastards! Even if you’re struggling, you’ve still got it better than a lot of other people in the world.

Gratitude is the gateway drug to happiness. If you’re feeling completely stressed out, think of something or someone you love: your kids, nature, your dog. etc. Within seconds the positive thoughts will stimulate the release of feel-good chemicals in your brain.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, start counting up all the things you’re grateful for. You’ll feel your heart start to shift and suddenly your life and your business seem a whole lot more manageable. As the saying goes “Gratitude and victimhood can’t exist in the same space.”

The secret of lifetime happiness isn’t doing less and earning less. It’s learning how to enjoy all the responsibilities that make your life worth living.

Have a tremendous Holiday Season!

See you on the other side in 2015!!


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