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Please Don’t EVER Stop Educating Your Clients

If there’s one takeaway that you learned from me, that I’d want you to embed into your skull, it is…


Please Don’t EVER Stop Educating Your Clients

Cuz this is where the real money is in your business.

You need to constantly educate them about your security company, commercial & residential protection, service maintenance contracts, the latest and greatest Zwave products, mega-pixel cameras, video monitoring, etc.

After the first time a security dealer | integrator installs a security system at a client’s home or business, the client never, ever, hears from the security dealer again. The dealer assumes the client knows all they need to about XYZ Security Firm. This is a big flippin’ mistake.

Listen up – just because security is your oxygen, doesn’t mean it’s everyone else’s oxygen.

It takes time to learn, that’s why you MUST constantly educate your clients over and over, get in their faces at least 8 – 12 times per year.

Your security clients should understand all of the following:

1. Why he/she needs a service maintenance contract agreement.
2. Why he/she needs the FACP tested annually.
3. Why he/she needs to test the intrusion system monthly.
4. Why he/she needs to update the contact roster regularly.
5. All the extra security options & upgrades you offer to protect their and home and business.
6. All of your other security services.

You should have education packs explaining of all these. You don’t need to carpet bomb your clients with everything at once, trickle the information through client newsletters, blogs, emails, handouts, website content, social media, postcards, etc.

The constant dripping of elegant information about security from you is the best.

How Do You Accomplish This?

• Through a Quarterly Client Newsletter
• Through a Monthly Client eNewsletter
• Through your Security Website.
• Through Security Blogs
• Through Social Media Postings
• Through your security audits.
• Through emails
• Through mailings

How Can You Easily Do These Things Things?

Smokin’ Security Newsletter™ Coaching Club (includes quarterly client newsletter)
The Secure Zone™ monthly Client eNewsletter
Security Blogs
Social Media Postings
Security Audits (Available in our Home-Safe-Home Residential Marketing Kit & Safe and Secure Commercial Marketing Kit)
Through Emails

Every one of your clients should know every little thing about YOUR security business that you offer. It’s much cheaper and way more profitable if most of your clients are using most of your services. These are the folks that can bring you in the BEST clients by telling their family, friends and colleagues about you. This ONLY happens through constant and never-ending education flow from you to your clientbase. You need to see yourself as an educator of electronic security systems, instead of an installer of security systems.

Stay Awesome!


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