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November 2010 – Smokin’ Security Newsletter

Here’s some “teaser copy” from my killer, 32 Point Security Audit for November 2010 issue. The issue is mailing out from my fulfillment house this week. Your clients will go Lady ga-ga over this audit! I close 93% of my home security sales using this incredible piece. You won’t want to miss it!

“Eliminate – Pesky Thieves, Vandals, Peeping Toms & Derelicts. Safeguard Your Property With Our Proprietary 32 Point On-Site Security Audit.”

The Mind of A Criminal
To trully burglar-proof your home, you need to be able to see your home as a potential thief sees it and get into their mind-set. That’s the key to providing the best safety and security for your home. And that’s exactly how we evaluate your residence, as a burglar would – lurking around and looking for ways to invade your home! We start from the outside and work our way in. We walk then slowly drive by your home and look at the exterior. We look at every aspect of your home from an “outsider’s” point of view and look for weaknesses that would tempt a burgular.

The audit gives homeowners a bulleted list of how burglars could break into their homes and how long the average burglary takes (not long, I can assure you!). Then the piece has (at least) 32 checkpoints for you (the security inspector) to check outside and inside their property.

Fatten Your Wallet…with my 32 Point Security Audit.
This is the first time ever that this diabolical 32 Point Security Audit has ever been made public. This handout is what I call an “invoice/estimator increaser.” By using this proprietary checklist, you’ll find even more ways to do upgrades and add-ons for your security services.

To Fatten The Cow, November’s Issue Also Includes:
Bonus Checklist # 1: A Vacation Checklist – Your clients will appreciate this security tips checklist to help them secure their property when away on vacation. You can hand it out to them for free, after the security audit!

Bonus Checklist # 2:Top Tips To Prevent Burglary – Your clients will love this freebie, too! It highlights things that homeowners can do to prevent their homes from being invaded (it also “soft-sells” your security services!)

As I mentioned, this audit has NEVER been licensed for use to any other security installer. But, I am allowing buyers to re-create, distribute and use this audit, with their security clients, for as long as they are in good standing.

Confidential Report # 1: Are Just Another Security Dealer/Sales Rep?
Inside this report, you’ll find ways to stop doing the old fashioned, hard-as-hell, belly-button-to-belly-button, grunt work known as traditional security selling, and discover how to create a 24/7/365 Robotic Security Selling System.

  • How to use pain and fear as a motivator.
  • How to target a geographic area.
  • The power of creating your own radio show.
  • The awesome leverage of writing your own weekly “Crimestopper Tips” for a newspaper.
  • How to create a “Shock & Awe” package that slays the competitions.

Confidential Report # 2:A Clever Way To Add Your Security or Low Voltage Business To Online Local Listings!!!
Discover how to add your security company contact information to this huge, online mega-site for FREE. With millions of visitors each day, you can’t go wrong!

Bonus # 1:Smokin’ Security Newsletter Members 90minute group coaching call on “How To Gain An Unfair Advantage Using The 32 Point Security Audit! ”

Bonus # 2: My Outrageous Turkey Day Card!!! (You should have already received this in the mail)

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