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Profit Killer #2 – Treating All Your Clients the Same

(Just as a reminder – a couple weeks ago I did a blog about Profit Killer #1 – Doing $10 hr Work.)

My 1st Money Making Job…
I picked up my first job when I was around 12yrs old.  I use to lug the Worcester Telegram morning edition door-to-door in the wee hours of the morning, before I went to school.  Of course, this was back in the day when parents didn’t have to worry about their kids going outside and getting abducted by a sicko.

I grew up in a working-class-Joe’s neighborhood, and there was no such thing as an alarm system in your house. This was a luxury that only rich folks had, and I would imagine that a security system back then was in the $5-6K range.

Having a paper route was a fabulous way to meet people, collect money, and giving people the royal treatment so you can get a good tip…ah, life as a 12-year-old entrepreneur!

Liberal Land USA…
Shoot I wasn’t the brightest bulb back then, but I somehow new that the slogan “the customer is always right” or “treat every customer the same” came from some liberal, trust-fund, moon-bat professor who never worked a hard day in his life. The only kind of people that spew this type of malarkey are needy sales consults, or sales gurus who couldn’t sell water to a wealthy, thirst-starved man in the desert.  Remember I was delivering newspapers in Kennedyland, MA where portraits of JFK hung in almost every house so the slogans went with the territory.

With my 60 newspaper customers, I was able to dispel these slogans.

My Rude Awakening…
This was where I learned that all my newspaper customers were not created equally.  Thank goodness I learned this fact when I was 12 yrs old because some folks never get it at all – that’s spooky (a little Halloween humor!) As my father would say, in his infinite old Irish wisdom, “We learn the most when we get kicked right in to the teeth.”

Using my 6th grade math, I realized back then that 5% of my customers were the ones that gave me the BIGGEST weekly and holiday tips, and 15% were real, healthy tippers.  So I was gave these “Golden Eggs” the royal treatment!

The cheap-skates (roughly 80% of my customers) who gave nothing or close to nothing for weekly and holiday tips, were usually the customers who were the biggest pains in the butt!  No matter how hard I tried to make these cheap-skates happy, they were always the first ones to complain (by calling my mother!) about the paper being 2 minutes and 12 seconds late or the paper not being face-up – some of the most cantankerous customers you could ever have – and they rarely or barely tipped!

So, I took a piece of blue-lined, school paper and made a list of all my customers and put them in one of the following two categories:  “Everybody” and “Golden Eggs.”  The “Everybody” customers were the cheapos and the “Golden Eggs” were my money people.

I stopped trying to make the penny-pinchers exceedingly happy (because it certainly wasn’t paying off).  They still got their papers on time…I just didn’t go out of my way to please them.

The good tippers were always taken care of…I neatly place their papers, face-up, inside the door – even if I had to walk through 4’ of snow or by a snarling, barking dog to get it there.

When it came time for me to collect my money, I always donned my Boy Scout uniform (who would stiff a Boy Scout, right?) With my good-tippers, I was always as sweet as pie and used all the “please” and “thank you’s” I could muster.

When I collected from the dead-beats, I got nothing so I didn’t go out of my way to be overly charming (remember this was after months of trying all my little Jedi mind-tricks to win them over.  I guess I didn’t have the force with me!)

I did give everybody on my route a Christmas card, but I only put candy inside my top 20% of Golden Eggs!

The Money Pyramid
Through my early days as a newspaper delivery entrepreneur, I realized that in business 5% of your clients are your top money-makers – they will buy most new electronic gadgets and add-ons that you recommend to them and will pay a premium for your exceptional service.  15% of your clients are the cream rising to the top – they buy most anything and will pay for higher services, too. 80% of clients are your base, but don’t come anywhere near the sales volume as the top 20%.

I’ll elaborate on this further during my Thursday night (October 22nd) “Acres of Diamond” call.  I’ll also reveal….

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