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Promote Your Security Business Like U2 Promotes Their Album

As a rock n’ rollin’ Security Marketing Guru, one of my all time favorite bands is U2. The boys from Dublin, Ireland have a new album coming out March 3, titled No Line on The Horizon, and the lead song off that album is “Get on Your Boots. It’s a very cool song with an amazingly

What’s amazing to moi is the extraordinary lengths U2 is going to, to promote this new album!  For instance, I was sitting outside in the frozen tundra (my back patio) enjoying a cup of Joe and an Opus X cigar (can’t wait till it warms up around these parts), when I heard the DJ on my SIRUIS Radio comment that U2 would be doing a 5 day gig on the David Letterman show March 2-6 to promote the upcoming album.

Security Marketing Guru's favorite band U2In this writers humble opinion, U2 is the biggest band in the world and they’re taking advantage of every media outlet available to them to get the word out that they’re gonna           take  the world by storm with this new album release. They’re not resting on their laurels,but   are  doing some serious marketing to promote the album and are making use of every         marketing  media outlet they can, to get the word out.  Are you, as a security dealer, making   use of every  security marketing media to get the word about how great and cool your   security  services  are?  The marketing for U2 has changed dramatically with the times.  Here’s  just a sampling of  what  the bands  been up to for a world wide promotion:  1.) showing up at all the  music award show, 2.) leaking a song on purpose to the internet, 3.) performing on Letterman, 4.)the cover of Rolling Stones, 5.) countless TV interviews, 6.) never ending radio interviews, 7.) release new album on, 8.) President Obama pre-inauguration concert “We Are Concert”, 9.) a personal message sent to me through to comment on the new song, 10.) www.Perez and other celebrity websites had the new video on there website.

Holy Timoli Batman….why is U2 going to such great lengths to promote an album when they’re already a success?  Cuz…we’re in a global meltdown, consumer spending is way down, digital music sales through the retail channels are soft, digital music piracy is way up, major shifts in how to interact and communicate with they’re fans have changed dramatically.  Plus concert sales are down.  So U2 is doing everything in their power to maximize their 11th album.

There are a couple of real key security marketing pointers that can be taken away from this post by the hottest security marketing guru on the planet. One, is that the super successful Rock Stars are always marketing there butts off, just like the security dealers who are busy even in this dead beat economy because they are in the security marketing game and are using more then one media to get the word out.

Two, super successful security dealers and low voltage installers are always looking for new ways to get the word out. They’re implementing online & offline security marketing strategies, moving into social networking sites to find more FAN’s in there local markets enabling them to sell more albums (security systems).

I was an Airman stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX, back in the early 80’s, and a good friend of mine Airman Jack Doyle turned me on to the U2 “War” album.  The first song I ever heard was “Seconds.”   My favorite verse from that song goes something like this “I want to be an Airborne Ranger I want to live the life of danger”….

What the successful security dealer knows is that their security marketing strategies gotta roll with changes in security technology and marketing.  What worked way back in 1982, might not be the most effective way of attracting new security clients in 2009.  I know that I can take a marketing idea from the 1930’s and dress it up –  add some Google Adwords, or put a Social Media Blogspot, or create a direct mail campaign out of it, and make money doing it.  But the most important thing to remember is…you gotta get out of your comfort zone and live the life of danger…like the Airborne Ranger!

I recently received a testimonial from a Security Maverick that literally blew my boots off!  Here’s a real nice lyric that a Maverick student wrote about me:  “Since I’ve been with Bob Maunsell my life has never been the same. We’re a small security company in Southern California. And “WOW” what Bob has taught me about UFC style marketing.  I now have a round house kick that is knocking the teeth out of ADT & Brinks!  Michael Houser, EES System, Southern, Cally.

I say “Get On Your Boots” and start kicking the recession in the teeth!  The opportunities for smart, aggressive local security dealers and low voltage installers, who will step-up to the plate, and provide extraordinary services, will grab market share and expand exponentially in this recession!

Now is the time to start making some beautiful music and create a fan-base as loyal as U2’s!

-Bob Maunsell

Security Marketing Guru

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