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Psst. I Got Something Great to Show You…


It’s Rob from Security Marketing Guru.  Bob hired me a few months back as an additional executive assistant (there’s also Shawn  teaching me the ropes!) I was brought on board to help with the day-to-day operations and help with the growth that we have been experiencing over the last year.

Part of my responsibility at Security Marketing Guru is blogging, editing audio and video clips, and and getting the Smokin’ Security Newsletter ready for printer each month.

When I was editing Bob’s video – that’s exclusively for viewing by the Smokin’ Security Newsletter members’ and Security Maverick members’ “eye’s only” – I couldn’t believe how much useful marketing insight that Bob delivers in the video.

I think I know a little bit about education since I’m a student at Worcester State College (aka “Woo-State”)  with a major in business and a minor in English.

Honestly, my marketing and business professors in college could not and did not deliver the kind of hands-on, real-world proven marketing ideas and advice that Bob included in his video. Professors only talk in theories and “book knowledge” so it was quite the eye-opener to witness such insight into how to effectively market your security business with solid advice and examples to back it up.

From the day I started here, Bob has talked about “over-delivering” on your products and services and giving tons of value to create a “WOW” experience for clients.

The big thing that I came to understand from Bob is that everyone is not your customer, and that you should have a security marketing system in place for sifting, and sorting, and screening people who do business with you so that people are predisposed to do business and take recommendation.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did…get a pad and pencil ready because there’s a ton of info you’ll get and want to implement!

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