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Security Business Profit Killer

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Mash-Up music in my office since my new office assistant, Wayne Morin (a.k.a. “Wayne-O”), came on-board.  Wayne also plays in a band so he brings into the office some really sweet music that I wouldn’t normally listen too.

He’s turned me on to a form of music commonly referred to as a ‘Mash-Up.’  This is a song or composition created from the combination of the music from one song with a cappella from another. So a Mash-Up is a song created out of pieces of two or more songs, usually alternating between overlaying the vocal track of song 1 seamlessly over the music track of song 2 and vice versa.

Let me tell ya this stuff has some of the coolest forms of music out there!  One of my favorites is a Mash-Up with Kelly Clarkson (Since you’ve Been Gone) vs. The Eagles (One of These Nights).

So I thought, for this weeks  “Tuesday Smack Down”, I’d do a little Mash-up on your brain for you security dealers and installers who want to learn how to manage your time more effectively…

First off, let’s take a “look-see” at a *MAJOR*Security Business Profit Killer

Profit Killer #1 –DOING $10.00 AN HOUR WORK.

I know that things are tight and that you must operate within your budget. But it is a mistake for you to be doing $10.00 an hour work (i.e. running to the Staples to get a paper and an ink cartridge for the laser printer, etc.)  This should NOT be your job, it’s some else’s.

Let’s break this down so you can see what I mean. Suppose you want to make $100K a year. That means you will be working about 2,000 hours (40 hours a week x 50 weeks, leaving you 2 weeks for vacation with the wife and kidz).

Truth of the matter is you are probably working much longer than that per week and feeling a little burnt out right about now…


So if you work 2,000 hours and you want to make $100K dollars then each hour is worth $50.00 to you.

Your job, even if you don’t realize it, is to be a “RAINMAKER!” And that’s all about marketing your security services…PERIOD!

All of your time must be focused on the task of bringing new security installations through the door…anything other than that task must be outsourced!

I know what you’re probably saying….. BOB, I CAN’T AFFORD IT…

Truthfully, I think you can’t afford NOT TO!

If you are sweeping the floor or cleaning out the service van or answering phones or taking trash out, then you are wasting your money!

There’s no nice way to say it! Once you set your focus solely, on bringing new security clients and installs through the door you will be a much happier camper – not a burnt out, jaded, and cynical security dealer.

Instead of just telling you what NOT to do and why, let me give you some solutions.

Fair Enough?

There are a ton of “soccer moms & dads” who’d love to work a few hours a day and get paid while their kids are at school.

You could even go to your local high school or college and find students who would happily work in your office for work study credits. I’ve had tremendous luck finding razor sharp, intelligent and dynamic, college kidz, who have been essential in helping me implement my security business marketing plans.

During my first few years in the biz, I did not have an executive assistant. I eventually came to my senses and hired someone who could work independently and manage the internal office stuff/staff, enabling me to concentrate on the marketing of my security business.

I can’t even beging to tell ya the dividends this has paid and the headaches this has saved over the years. Hiring an executive office assistant to deal with and help me manage the work that was pulling me down was probably one of the most important security business decisions I ever made. It completely liberated my time, so that I could concentrate on the money making areas of my business.

GEEEZ-LOUISE, I was able to pay for my new “whipper snapper” assistant by just doing a couple of things differently. I raised my rates by a few bucks more per hour, which added the necessary funds to cover his payroll costs. (This is perfectly okay in my opinion because having knowledgeable office staff is essential to having great, personable, customer service and faster response times on service calls.)

This is a pretty easy way to pay for your assistant. Figuring in those extra bucks you will adding to the 4 extra installs a month with the new security marketing campaigns you are implementing, it will pay for itself lickety-split!

I’ll leave you with one of favorite quotes from Jim Rohn “To Have More You Must Become More”

-Bob Maunsell
Security Marketing Guru

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