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Security Marketing

Seven Lethal Security Marketing Mistakes
Sure To Drive Any Security Dealer
Into The Poor House
How To Create A
Robotic Security Selling System™
That Will Smoke Your Competition!

“The sole purpose of marketing is to sell more to more people, more often and at
higher prices. There is no other reason to do it.” Sergio Zyman

Security Marketing Introduction

Having a successful security business takes work and dedication. It’s truly
unfortunate that only two out of every five businesses make it past the first five
year mark. Many security business owners end up spending all of their time trying to find clients to pay the bills instead of selling the systems they love or perform the service their passionate about. Still, 70% of working adults dream of owning their own business, but only one is seven actually do.

In this book, you’ll discover the seven lethal security
marketing mistakes that security business owners commonly make and how to implement
successful security marketing strategies to avoid each one!


Mistake #1 – Not Having A security Marketing

In my years of security marketing coaching and consulting, I’ve noticed a similar attribute
that is common in most security entrepreneurs and business owners. Most are “doers”
rather than “planners.”

In reality, being a doer is perhaps the ultimate mark of a successful person. It’s
what makes entrepreneurs a rare breed. Rather than thinking or wishing, they get out
there and make something happen.

But I have encountered many security business owners who get into trouble “doing”
the wrong security marketing activities the right way or “doing” the right security marketing
activities the wrong way.
If you want to “do” the right security marketing activities, the right way you must start
with a marketing plan.

You don’t have to kill a tree to create an effective security marketing plan. In fact, you
can create a successful plan for your security business in just one day. To begin,
don’t worry about writing style or making your plan fancy. Just go get a pencil and
paper and let’s get started.

Step 1 – Understand Your Market and
A big mistake that many security businesses make is to latch on to a security
product or service without first understanding the market and what it wants (not what it needs).

If you try to sell something that people don’t want, they won’t buy it. It’s that simple.

A profitable market consists of people who have dire wants that are being unmet, so
much so that they will jump to buy your solution (i.e. your product or service).
A profitable market can be compared to a lake with thousands of starving fish. All
you need to do is throw in the bait and it turns into a feeding frenzy.

To get an understanding of your market you
should ask yourself questions like:

• Are there segments in my market that are
being underserved?
• Are the segments of my market for my service big enough to make money?
• How much of a share of that market do I
need to capture, to just break even?
• Is there too much competition in the segment of my market to be competitive?
• What are the weaknesses in my competition’s offering that I can capitalize on?
• Does my market want or value my unique competitive offering?

Step 2 – Understand Your Client

Knowing your client intimately is the first step to easy sales. Until you know (1)
who your clients are, (2) what they want, and (3) what motivates them to buy, you
can’t prepare an effective security marketing plan.

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