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Marketing Questions and Answers – August 25, 2009

Hello Bob, I received your newsletter about a week ago and  I understand what your doing with it, but I have some big issues.

1. I can do to much, I created a new website in two days based off one of your news letters here: although I have experience in this type of business the true goal is to install 5K of new electronics in a home and telling the homeowner “You should real protect your investment by purchasing my alarm system”. I also made to do the same for my communication knowledge. They were fun to write and I think I engage the client on a more personal level. But is it professional? Will this attract the type of customer I want?


That’s pretty impressive that you built a whole, new website off of just one issue of my Smokin’ Security Newsletter.  I know each issue of SSN is packed with a lot of meat and ‘taters of marketing & biz building info, so it’s awesome to hear you were able to get so much out of it!

Guido, you have a lot of issues that you’ve outlined that I just can’t answer in this email – there are too many variables.  So, we really need to talk.  My suggestion to you, as a new SSN subscriber, is to take your 15 minute Coaching Call critique and your 15 minute Search Engine Optimization Website Critique (SEO) and fax it in so we can set up a time to talk. There’s a lot of questions I have for you – especially the direction you want to go in (remember, there’s riches in niches) and you need to define your niche before you move forward.

I think you’re definitely on the right path with your new website – with engaging the clients on a personal level. You did two things on the new website that engaged me as a skeptical potential client:  1) Your warranty.  It is spot on!  It covers every fear that the client has once the system is installed and the installer leaves the property.  2)  You put a face to the name by including your picture – adding instant credibility because people want to do business with people.

2.I have my main business here : , it corporate and boring as paint! Should I make “it personal” will I attract any customers? I want Medium size Companies

Guido, you’re absolutely right!  The site is as boring as paint…I fell asleep at the keyboard checking it out!  People want to business, with people not nameless faceless corporations. Would you sit down and  have a beer with your website?

3.I have many names: My thought was that I could niche market by using different names to target  customer. But trying to build 4 companies at once is a bit overwhelming.
This is what I have:

Guido, wouldn’t you rather be the big fish in a small pond?  Do yourself a favor – dominate and master one niche market.  You’re trying to be too many things to too many people.  This will backfire on you. I would get good at driving as much traffic to one website first then expand it to your other websites.

xxxx Security, (for residential alarms)
xxxx Cabling & Communication, (small business communications and cross market my small business alarms)
XXXX XXXXXX, Inc. (large corporations)
Installation by Prewire:,,, (more home owners to sell alarm to)

Does it work? Kinda. XXXX is in the top results in google but I have had only 3 clicks (I stated to wonder if anyone is even looking for security) out of the 3 clicks 1 customer called and I got the sale. Unless i’m doing something wrong is their a market or is it two saturated with garbage from ADT. Hey that’s a key word! ADT, Brinks, sorry getting off subject.

Guido, you obviously know how to put up websites.  That’s the easy part.  What you need to master is how to drive traffic to the site with…
Pay Per Clicks
Direct Mail
Press Releases

What you to have a better understanding when creating a site are…
1-Title Tags
2- Keyword Density
3- Site Structure
4 – Incoming Links

What do I do Bob? Pick a name and stop over thinking the every freaking thing? Does the name even matter?

Guido, The name is everything…!

Don’t be frustrated I don’t know any dealers that can whip up four (4) websites almost overnight, obviously you can paint the car, now you need to put a NASCAR engine in that website (SEO Tricks) and let that  bad boy rip!

Tom Brady Home Town

What About The Smokin’ Security Newsletter Call-In Day

Hi Guys,
3 questions and really only looking for 2 answers.
1. As a Newsletter subscriber how can I take advantage of the Open Call In Day?
Next Thursday (8/27/09) call in at your convenience between 1-5pm Eastern Time. If the phone is busy, just keep trying; we typically get a lot of national and international phone calls, but we do handle all callers – plus it’s definitely worth your time!

2. In my 2nd month bonus package one of the handouts speaks about the audio brochures like the hotlines – so I an sending the email as it says – to say that I am interested in using those and is there any chance I can get the written scripts for the audio brochures and for the hotline?
We will send you over some information about the Hot-lines on Monday. Bob can also talk to you about the hotline stuff on the call. We are working on getting this information up on our site as I speak. Hotlines are like a virtual sales rep working 24/7/365 to educate your client base and soft sell your services.  We use them to convert a lot of prospects into clients for life!

3.  If Bob was an animal what kind of animal would he be?  (Obviously this is the one that I dont need the answer on lol)
Steve,  Hmmm… if I was an animal what animal would I be? I would have to say a lion.  Lions are always the last to starve in the jungle because they’re always hunting…and I’m always hunting and on the prowl; so a lion I’d be.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

N.Y. Yankees Fan

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