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Security Niches That Will Make You Riches

Question from Jeff

Hi Bob,

My question is that in most business you find riches in niches, does this hold true in the security industry? Should you focus your marketing and your business on one aspect such as cctv or home security or is better to offer it all?



Hi Jeff,

That’s a Gr8 question!

First off, I’m not sure if you’re in the security industry or if you’re thinking about going into business for yourself. Yes there are “riches in niches” especially in the security industry. Some examples of niches would be to offer a range of security services to high-end residential clients, nuclear power plants, safe rooms, car dealerships, campus security, day care centers, emergency medical response to the aging baby boomer market. These are all examples of niche markets that have different security needs.

If I was just starting out, with a limited budget, I would go after one market – say, for example, car dealerships, and position myself, in my marketing campaigns, as the go-to security guy for the car dealership industry. I would get to know the market and research it and interview key people and learn what their needs are for security. I would then offer and install CCTV, Intrusion, Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Mesh Networks, Intrusion Monitoring, Video Monitoring to that marketplace. This way, I’d be able to concentrate all of my marketing dollars strategically on one targeted market.

Once I became successful in one niche market, I would expand my efforts into another niche market. It’s easy to cut-and-paste all the strategies you used attracting one niche market into another…they just have different security needs that you need to address and pitch in your marketing. Or, if you are happy with the one target market, then that’s great, too. It’s all in what you’re striving for in your business.

Now, go get ’em!


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