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Security Tips From The Kingdom Of Ireland

I hope you had a stellar holiday, I sure as heck did with the whole family over in Ireland, it was truly an awesome time. While I was out and about visiting relatives, I took some pictures of what I thought were some really cool things that the Irish security dealers were doing, and it something I don’t see here at all in the USA, and I do believe it’s something that could make YOU a lot of dinero.

That “something” is the labeling that the Irish security dealers do on all of their installations. Every camera, keypad, siren, etc clearly shows the name of the security company that did the installation, so anyone looking for security knows who to call. You can read the names from quite a distance – no need to squint.

Take a look at the security pictures in this blog post and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I also included some family pics of our holiday trip to Ireland.

Click On The Actual Image To Get A Better Look!



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