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Selling The Visible

From: Bob Maunsell
Worcester, Mass
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I just got back from Ireland, and I’ll be posting some really cool pictures, in a few days, of what Irish security dealers are doing, across the pond, to market their security/low voltage businesses…so stay tuned. Without further ado…

Selling The Visible
I know one of the easiest ways to make an impact in your security marketing campaign is to SELL the visible aspect of your security company or low voltage installation company. This is what I call “onstage” selling – when you’re out in the eyes of the public and your techs are on display for the whole world to see. Here are 6 quick ways to sell the” visible” of your security business (a.k.a. your retirement assets!)

1- First and foremost, clean service vehicles and equipment. Make sure you wash your trucks frequently to make sure they always look their best when they’re rolling around town. Your service vehicles should have special offers on them and tout your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to encourage folks to call your office. That’s what I call a DRSV…Direct Response Service Vehicle, instead of just a “plain Jane” name and phone number. Give’em a reason to call you instead of the other 50 security dealers in town!

2- If your vehicle signage is done correctly you should frequently receive telephone inquires from people who say they saw one of your service vehicles and it reminded them of how they have been wanting to install a security system or have a little preventive maintenance work done to their security system. A great benchmark to go by is if you are frequently receiving inquiries such as: “One of your vans is next door at my neighbor’s house. Can they come see me about a security system when they get done? Or, “I just saw your van on the highway, can one of your techs swing by?”

3- Professional, clean uniforms are very important if you want to sell at prices higher then your competition. Your tech’s need to look their best… If you go to the Ritz Carlton, do you see the staff dressed like the Beverly Hill Billies. No Sir Ree..… they’re dressed to the 9’s! If you want to sell high-end security systems, then you can’t look like a low end dealer. It may cost you a little bit more to get your tech’s outfitted with khaki pants and polo shirts with a company logo, but it far outweighs the risk of the jobs you are potentially losing because your image is lacking professionalism.

4- Also, your service techs should be silently conveying expertise when out in the public eye or when at the front door of a potential client’s home or business. Just think how many conversations have been started and business cards given out at coffee shops, gas stations or restaurants because the service tech LOOKED liked a knowledgeable guy and acted like a skilled professional in his trade. Your techs can be your most effective salesforce. Have them act accordingly.

5- Have security marketing material that is education-based with free reports on home/business security and attention grabbing headlines that draw people to read your soft-selling sales copy. All your vehicles should have Van Pockets on them that carry your business card. If you don’t you’re loosing much more business than you think…and there’s no excuse for not having them on every van in your fleet cuz they’re so cheap. Click here and order one today!

6- Make sure that you invest time in making sure that your market– to-message-media is congruent with the security markets you are selling in. Whether it be on your website, in the Yellow Pages, direct mail, business cards or brochures, accurately project your expertise, workmanship and upscale clientele in look as well as words.

Also check out this post about the 10 Security Business Owners Commandments, and see how you can apply these babies to your own business. I wrote these 10 commandments way back when…in 1996 when the “Smashing Pumpkins” came out with that amazing alternative rock album, “1979”!

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