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Simon Cowell’s $1 Million Security System Install For His Home!

Hey, Happy Friday!

I have a really cool blog post for you about American Idol judge Simon Cowell. He recently had installed a  $1mill-yun dollar security system in his new Southern California home.

Check out the picture of his 24.3 million dollar crib, it’s insane!

Simon Cowell’s got security… worth $1m

By Mail On Sunday Reporter

Simon Cowell has spent $1million on a state-of-the-art security system for his new Beverly Hills mansion.

The Britain’s Got Talent supremo, who moves into his £15million home this weekend, hired a firm used by Presidents and Nasa that specialises in fingerprint and retina scanners.

Simon Cowell has finally finished his multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion. The British music mogul and ‘X Factor’ judge is set to move into his $22 million as soon as possible.

Tight security: Simon Cowell has had a high-tech system installed

Cowell, 49, who is worth an estimated £130million, decided to tighten up security after a fan committed suicide outside the LA home of fellow American Idol judge Paula Abdul.

A source said: ‘Of course there have been threats against him because of his Mr Nasty image. Simon decided that no expense would be spared.’

Cowell’s Hollywood home has six bedrooms, a cinema and a garage for eight car

Article from The Daily Mail Online

Speaking of Southern California…

Tthe Audio Success CD inside this month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter, I have one of my Security Mavericks who once was a beach bum from Southern Cali. Mike turned himself into a real deal, security entrepreneur with a business that is going gang-busters [Congrats Mike!], and he agreed to spill [some] of the beans on his success.

Here is a peek behind the curtain on what this former Southern Cal. beach bum, turned security entrepreneur extraordinaire will share with about running a security business in a highly competitive market:

•    His secret weapon for the 21st century for getting more security installs.
•    How he was able to increase his rates over 40%.
•    What held him back from raising his rates for so long (This is what holds every security dealer back, but he did something about it?)
•    Why you shouldn’t settle for less then you can have?
•    His favorite security marketing pieces that pull new security clients in like a two ton magnet.
•    An eye popping idea about why you should embrace facebook & twitter!
•    The absolute MUST thing you need to do if your bored stiff with your security business.
•    How to take off to Maui for two weeks, and have your business run like a swiss clock.

I haven’t even begun to tell ya how many money-making marketing examples you can IMPLEMENT in your own security business or low-voltage biz from this issue.

Hey if you missed my email earlier this week, also check out the blog post I left for you on Wednesday. I put up a compiled version of my own personal “mind-map” for you to download, that I use for adding rocket fuel to my business.

Have a great football weekend! [Go Pats!]

Peace Out!

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