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Small Planet Marketing For Security Integrators

This is the final frontier…where no security direct marketer has gone before.  It’s the place where you can send a Star Ship (aka a Direct Response Sales Letter) that will go at warp speed passed the “gate keeper” (aka the secretary/receptionist) and arrive on a high-level security manager’s desk who has the purchasing and decision making power and oversees the enterprise-wide security system in a multitude of diverse galaxies, such as, airports, seaports, college campuses, universities, healthcare facilities, hospitals, and nuclear power plants.

This is a $400 billion dollar security universe that the Starship Federation (aka you, the security installer) has to serve, defend and protect.  Are you up for the challenge??

To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before….
If you’re a National or Regional electronic security integrator and are looking to install video surveillance, access control, integrated security systems, mass evacuation systems, etc. to the top tier 500-1000 Chief Security Officers (CFOs) in the country, then there is no better way of reaching and educating these top tier security executives, and propose enterprise-wide security solutions, then to implement a multi-step direct response sales letter campaign to these CFOs and educate them on how to spend there security dollars against the top three (3) security threats in their marketplace, which are:

1- Terrorist

2- Hackers

3- Spies

Then you need to get your hands on my unique “Top Security 500 Lead Generation Program.”

People Will Pay More To Get Rid of Pain Then Pleasure

This direct marketing program is geared toward educating the top CSO’s on how your company can and will protect their assets from the things that make them lie in bed, worried all night, staring at the ceiling – terrorist, hackers and spies – and why they should spend their security dollars with you versus any other security integrator in the market.

Remember, there are other security integrators  nipping at these CSOs’ heals…so let’s shake them loose, get you in the game and get you the winning bid!

(Send me an email)if you are interested in my “Top Security 500 Lead Generation Program.” It will be released and available at the end of January.

Small Planet Marketing for the Local Security Dealer…
If you’re a local, independent security dealer, then the 500-1000 principal will work for you, as well, by targeting…

500 retail stores
500 nursing homes
500 electrical contractors
500 real estate agents
500 facility managers
500 interior decorators
500 locksmiths
500 IT professionals
etc, etc, etc…

The same formula that the national security integrators use in their large universe (50 states)  applies to you on a local level universe.  Finding your local niche and dominating it…be in every place that your prospect turns up.

The security dealers who really prosper in the next few years will be the ones that embraced security marketing strategies and techniques that target a specific market and make them everything to that market.

I want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity.” by General Douglas MacArthur

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