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Smart Bomb Security Selling

As you probably know by now, I was a Sgt. in the U.S. Air Force back in the day, and for part of my enlistment, I was stationed at Ramstein Air Base in West Germany.  To give you a time-frame, I was stationed in Germany when U2 had just released “The Unforgettable Fire” album and I was sporting a full head of black hair…hahahaha…Yes, so you do remember the Regan 80’s. Back then, I  was in charge of  installing and maintaining high tech electronic security systems at Ramstein.

When we weren’t doing our Air Force specialty jobs, we would don heavy, claustrophobic chemical warfare suits, and performing RRR (Rapid Runway Repairs) training. If the runways were bombed, we would have to run out there, in our chemical suits, and lay down sheets of metal slabs over the holes and craters so that our birds could take off and land.

We were out on the runways for days on end (I’m not kidding you…these NATO exercises were no picnic.)  I’m lightly complaining here…I served in the military during the Cold War, which is nothing in comparison to what our brave young men and women are doing in the two wars that  we are currently fighting overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I had a fascination with the bombs that were attached to the F-4 and the F-16 fighter jets. We used to protect those fancy multi-million dollar fighter jets, along with the payload of bombs that were attached, with a security product from South West Microwave. The product was an M.I.L. Pac 385 portable microwave transceiver (BTW these work well in the private sector and are a great way to protect mobile assets and VIP protection…for quick and temporary deployment for high security needs).

Dumb Bombs…
Before we dive into smart bombing, as it applies to security marketing, let’s first take a look back at how bombs were dropped from aircraft. From the latter half of World War II  (Big Band Music Era i.e. Glen Miller, Tony Dorsey, Louis Armstrong) up until the  late 80’s (The Hair Band Music Era i.e. Poison, White Snake, and Rat) we deployed unguided bombs that were basically dropped from a plane and fell to the ground without actively steering itself. A bomber might have to drop dozens or hundreds to take out a target effectively.  This tactic was what pilots often referred to as the “spray and pray” method that you hoped knocked out your intended target. As we know, these unguided bombs could land way off target, causing unwarranted collateral damage.

This is kinda like doing a mass mailer campaign to everyone that doesn’t give a hoot about your security services. I guess you could call that a dumb-mailer, not to hit the intended prospect with the right offer or message.

Smart Bombs
You see, the 1st generation bombs had no intelligence whatsoever. So what the military did to enhance their dumb bombs, was take an ordinary dumb-bomb and make some minor modifications…like add an on-board electronic system, a built in control system (on-board computer), and a set of adjustable flight fins.

The control system and adjustable fins give the bomb a way to steer itself as it glides through the air. While the bomb is “in flight,” the sensor system and control system track the designated target on the ground. The sensor system feeds the control system the relative position of the target, and the control system processes this information and figures out how the bomb should turn to steer toward the target. Now were talking!  We’re able to pinpoint the target and wipe it off the face of the earth!

Zeroing In…
Don’t you think you and your sales reps (if you have them) would be able to sleep better at night it you were able to smart-bomb all your top prospects…the ones that need and want your security services?  Instead of deploying tactics and strategies that are dumb-bomb in nature?  You do want a bevy of hot prospect lined up to do business with you, don’t yah? just think…you could take off from work, for a solid week or two vacation, knowing the sales funnel was always filled with qualified leads willing to pay for your security services.

It’s simple if you have the right tools.  For example, a free report or video that gets the prospect to respond.  I have a targeted, killer free report,  “21 Ways To Cat Burglar Proof Your Home (TM)” that I give to home owners that request it.  It’s a neat, shocking, little report detailing all the ins and outs on how to secure your home from cat burglars and thieves.  I also have another free, kick-ass report – that gets my phone ringing off the hook from smalls business owners looking to protect their assets – called “How to Steal Your Boss Blind” (TM).  These are just a couple examples of smart-bomb lead generation reports that I’ve written, over the years, that keep my sales funnel full with highly qualified leads.

It’s important to make sure your security marketing pieces essentially convey (I said CONVEY, not SAY) that you’re the “Mac-Daddy” (i.e. the best security installer around)…that you’re sharp enough, and that your clients love you.  If your marketing doesn’t convey this stuff…don’t cha think your leaving something out…like money on the table?

If you’ve properly conveyed all these things to your targeted prospects, then their search has come to an end because….you’re their security MAN!  You’re the one that can secure and protect them from all the creeps, crackheads, wackos, and dishonest employees that are trying to steal every thin dime from their bank account!

Basic Military Training…
I want to leave you off with a great tune from my basic training days down in Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX.  Squadron 3707 Flight 687  – July,1981

Everywhere We Go

Everywhere we go
People wanna know
Who we are
So we tell them
We’re not the Army
Ground-pounding Army

We’re not the Navy
Deck-swabbing Navy

We’re not the Marine Corps
Jarhead Marine Corps

We’re not the Coast Guard
Lazy, lazy Coast Guard
We are the Air Force
Mighty, mighty Air Force

Have a good one!

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