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So You Want To Be A Rock Star Security Dealer?

That’s the chorus to one of my favorite songs, by Rush, called “Workin’ Man”.  Rush was the first band I was really into and could identify with when I was a teenager in vocational school. So tonight, I’m heading into Beantown to see Rush @ The Boston Garden. This will be the 5th time I’ve seen “the holy trinity” in concert over the 20 years.

This Canadian band first broke into the US market when, in 1974, in Cleveland, OH,  WMMS (100.7FM)  put Rush’s “Workin’ Man” on it’s regular play-list. The song’s blue collar theme resonated with hard rock fans.  BTW, this song is the ring-tone on my Blackberry.

The Technology Life Cycle…
I’ve pretty much bought everything from the Rush catalog over the years – from their very first LPs to 8 Tracks to Cassettes to CDs to DVDs and far too many concert t-shirts to count.  And I’m poised and ready to BUY the next electronic doo-hickey or new musical platform they bring to market cuz I’m a huge fan that wants to stay on the cutting-edge, like many other people.  Plus they’re always sending me updates on  what’s going on with the band and do a great job keeping me in the loop.

We security dealers have the same style of “Rock Star” money-making capabilities at our fingertips, in the security industry.  For example, let’s take a look at the video surveillance market segment, from way back in the day to the present time, and check out it’s progression.  It first started off with film-based surveillance cameras and progressed to:  168 time lapse – 72 time lapse recorders – 24 hour real time recorders –  quad displays – simplex  multiplexers – duplex multiplexers – triplex multiplexers –  10 Gig DVRs – 4 T.B. DVRS – NVRS – Video Analytics – mega pixel cameras….this cycle will go on and on for the rest of your natural life.

Just look at all surveillance equipment upgrades that have occurred over the years.  A lot of money has been made by some very astute security dealers and integrators who know how to educate their clients on the benefits of upgrading and staying on the cutting-edge of security. If you look back on home alarms, sounds systems, locksmiths, fire alarms, security gates…all these niche security markets have had major equipment enhancements over the years.

To add some frosting to the cake, I’d like to mention the gold mine we security dealers can harvest with RMR from burglar alarm monitoring, fire alarm monitoring, cellular backup, remote video monitoring and PERS monitoring, and managed service contracts. They’re aren’t very many other business sectors that have these type of golden veins running through them!

You can be a Rock Star in the security industry, but ONLY  if YOU choose to harvest your fan base, and deliver world-class services and support that your clients will rave about.

Income On Demand…
I was reading an article about Rush, in Rolling Stone mag, and Geddy Lee, the singer,  was being interviewed.  Geddy said, if he wanted a new pool in his backyard, or if he wanted a new Porsche, or if he wanted to buy a villa in Tuscany…all he had to do was sit down, right a song, bring it to market and his fans would pickup the tab for whatever he wanted to buy.

Well, I’m no Geddy Lee – I can’t write a song. You probably can’t either. But, if you have a cult-like following (a.k.a your client base), the next best thing you can do is to send them a properly written quarterly newsletter. By this I mean, a newsletter that sweet talks, soft sells, upsells, subliminally creates responsive clients, and subtly nudges referrals and testimonials from them.  No other asset can be your “Geddy Lee” like a newsletter can!

Listen Up…
If you don’t think a quarterly client newsletter can turn your business around, where you can get more referrals, sell and upgrade more systems, create multiple streams of RMR, keep your clients interested in you and your office staff, help your technicians build a better client relationships…then you’re loco, man!.

And, if that’s the case, then you need to unsubscribe from my email list, cuz I’m not the Security Marketing Guru for you!  Maybe you need an Advertising Man to come in and sell you the biggest yellow page ad in the telephone book.

If you’re on board with my line of thinking, then your September quarterly client newsletter is ready and waiting!  In fact, it’s included FREE in your Smokin’ Security Newsletter membership.

So what are you waiting for?  Remember, Workin Man works ON his security business and not IN his security business!  Let your client newsletter do the heavy work for you!

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