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Stop Making Excuse & Start Getting Sh*t Done!

I must forewarn you this is a rant, and if you’re easily offended, then I suggest that you don’t read this!

Your Mind and Your Body Are A Muscle
I love reading. I devour at least one business book per week, along with a healthy dose of marketing and motivational CDs that I listen to while traveling to and fro the gym.

Almost  99% of my books have to do with business, marketing, self-improvement and health and fitness, and real estate investing. (To be honest I’m taking a break this weekend, while relaxing at the beach, and reading a fiction book called “Motherless Brooklyn” by Jonathan Lethem which is a very good read.) It’s completely my choice since I’m addicted to these topics.
I can spend hours just combing through the racks of books at Barnes and Noble in Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA.  There is also a kicking Starbucks inside the bookstore where I usually get my fav-O-rite coffee – a “Black Eye” = large coffee and two (2) shots of espresso. :)

Stop Making Excuses & Start Getting Shit Done!
BUT – there comes a time when you must put down the books, and eject the motivational tapes and STOP MAKING EXCUSES & GET THE  SHIT DONE!!!

That’s right. Stop “waiting” to take action until you finish reading that next how-to-book or until you get in that  shiny new authorized dealer program.
Most of the people who call my office and talk to one of my business building experts have some form of excuse for not being where they want to be in their business.  When my assistants are done speaking with callers, they’ll write on an intake sheet everything that they went over with the callers, and their final comments and excuses.

Here’s A List Of The Top 17 Excuses We Have Heard:
1- We tried that before.

2- My security business is different.

3- We are too busy to do that.

4- My office manager won’t go along with that.

5- That won’t work in my town or city.

6- Can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

7- We have always done it that way before.

8- We’ll be the laughing stock.

9- My business is too small for that.

10- My business is too big for that.

11- We don’t have time to do that.

12- It’s too radical a change for us.

13- What will my competition think.

14- We don’t have the time.

15- What will my clients think.

16- My sales reps won’t go along with that.

17-  My business partner won’t buy into that.

There is a reason why their businesses aren’t doing so well and it has nothing to do with President Obama being in office. And to turn the tide around, has everything to do with with them being able to STOP MAKING EXCUSES & START GETTING SHIT DOWN.

The Secret Code of The Rich
On the other hand I find that the trail blazers in my coaching programs make no excuses about being to busy, overwhelmed, to stress out, never enough time in the the day to get stuff done, they’re not big on making excuses.
They understand The Secret Code of The Rich “That people who are good at making excuses are not good at making money, excuses and makin’ money don’t go hand in hand.

But, But, But Bob…“But, Bob”, they say, “How can I start a quarterly client newsletter? I need to read the latest manual on how to program the Arecont MegaPixel IP cameras and I also have to read the manual on how to program the new eMerge access control panel.”
Blah, blah, blah….

It makes me friggin’ nuts!

Stop misleading yourself.

Stop making excuses.

The only way to succeed is to finally start now and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. You will never know everything. It’s not possible so don’t even try.
There’s an old quote that goes something like, “You can tell the size of a man’s bank account by the size of his library.” And I agree to a point.
I know people with hundreds and hundreds of books on success, but they didn’t do anything with that knowledge so it didn’t make them wealthy.

Winning Through Intimidation
One of the first business books I read was by Robert Ringer “Winning Through Intimidation” years ago and I took immediate action on what I learned. It started me on the path to creating multiple seven-figure businesses. Again, just one book – but I took action! I didn’t need to read an entire library – just one book and a never-give-up hope.

NOTHING was (or is) going to stop me from succeeding. Nothing!Should you read and always learn? 100% yes!
But there comes a time (and it usually is much sooner than you realize) when you need to get off your ass and get something done.
Again, I don’t care if it’s a client newsletter. Or a client referral system, a Facebook fan page, or a blog, writing a press release, or doing an educational-based crime prevention seminar for real estate agents, or creating a joint venture opportunity with an electrical contractor. So put down the book. Cut the friggin’ bullshit. And get something done TODAY.

Then, after you take action, pick up the book and read a little more and implement your knowledge.

Have a money-making week!


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