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Swiss Army Knife of Increasing Your Security Sales

Do you remember your 1st money making job as a kid?
I sure do and it taught me a few real good life lessons that are instilled in me this very day.

Back when I was in Cub Scouts I always wanted a Swiss Army Knife (nowadays all kids are looking for an X-Box 360). A couple of my good friends had a Swiss Army Knife, and naturally, I wanted one, too.

At the time, my folks didn’t have the money to get me one…with having to raise five (5) kids and my dad working two jobs just to make ends meet…my little knife was the last thing on their minds when they went to bed at night.

With my parents being right off the boat from good ole County Kerry, Ireland, they didn’t understand the American culture so well.  The fact that other kids got skateboards, go-carts, mopeds, and snowmobiles didn’t register with them. Growing up in Ireland, this type of stuff was non-existent; all they knew was good old-fashioned hard work in the potato fields or milking cows for a play time activity.

So one thing my Irish parents instilled in me was an *IMMIGRANT ATTITUDE* the definition for that being…“doing whatever it takes, for as long as it takes” to get ahead!

So with money being real tight in my homestead, and a prevalent “immigrant attitude” on hand, if us kids wanted a little something extra, we had to go out there and [EARN] it!

So for me to get my Swiss Army Knife, I had to go out, get a paper route and huck the Worcester Telegram & Gazette at hundreds of doors at the wee-hours of the morning (that being before 5 am) before I could earn the money to buy my knife.  It took me 3 months to do it, but I did!

Even though I didn’t get all those fancy-schmancy toys, my parents bestowed us with a gift that was even better then any toy could ever be (even though I didn’t realize it at the time –especially when I didn’t get the G.I. Joe action figure I wanted!) I do realize it now and hope my own kids will understand it, too…because it’s not all about getting, but doing!  You need to do before you get.

When I look at it now, I theorize that my Ma + Pa (who are now 83 and 80, respectively) had a  Swiss Army Knife strategy for parenting. Like the Swiss Army “Officers and Sportsman” knife – which has six (6) practical and highly useful tools on it. Ma and Pa trained us up by these six principles.

Here’s a list of them:

Tool # 1 – Constant nuturing. Making each on of us feel like we were the # 1 child (even though there were 5 of us clamoring for attention).

Tool # 2 – Keeping a firm hand on a slack rein. Giving us the space to grow and develop into our own persons but leading us in all the right directions.

Tool # 3 – Being a good example, they taught us the importance of hard work, school work, being accountable and being polite, kind and giving to all.

Tool # 4 – Self-esteem and confidence building, always supporting and cheering us on and telling us we can do anything we set our minds to and not to be afraid of anything.

Tool # 5 – Recognizing and rewarding good behavior.

Tool # 6 – The family dinner table, sitting down every night as a family unit and  discussing what each and every one did that day – with no distractions (i.e. TV, cell phones, ipods, etc.).

For a couple of Irish immigrants just off the boat, they did a damn fine job (Thanks Ma + Dad, for everything!) of raising a clan, even if we didn’t get everything we wanted.

They gave the five of us children the tools and the mindset to be successful and each one of us is in our own respective fields.

Nurturing Your Client the Same Way You Would Your Children…
Whoa I’m not outta my mind, but having really sound parenting skills, are skills that are applicable to helping you grow your own security business and foster your client base.

The simplest thing you can do for nurturing and caring for your security clients is to have a security client newsletter that you can send out.  This will take care of a plethora of sales and marketing problems.

Here’s a list of problems that security dealers have that can be solved by incorporating a simple quarterly client security newsletter into their security marketing plan. A security newsletter is the Swiss Army Knife of an internal & external security marketing program.

1- Sell more to existing clients.

2- Raise pricing.

3- Increase sales.

4- Motivating employees.

5- Getting sales reps to sell more.

6- Generate more recurring revenue with managed access control.

7- Generate more recurring revenue with video monitoring.

8- Generate more recurring revenue with service contracts.

9- Generate more recurring revenue with alarm monitoring.

10- Generate more recurring revenue with fire alarm inspections.

11- Generate more recurring revenue with personal emergency response.

12- Tapping into the mass notification market.

13- Tapping into the IP market.

14- Tapping into the megapixel camera market.

BTW these fourteen (14) items I quickly pulled out of the SSI Security Sales & Integration, OPERATIONS & SALES REPORT, August 2009 issue.

On my  FREE  “Acres of Diamonds” tele-coaching call in mid-October, that my Security Mavericks & Smokin’ Security Newsletter members will have access to, I will talk extensively about how a security company newsletter can solve every single one of these problems for you, if you so desire.

P.S #1: As the Swiss Army knife is the ambassador for Switzerland, your newsletter should be your good will ambassador for building and maintaining clients 4 life.

P.S #2: Please read the Immigrant Attitude philosophy again. I think this is one thing that is sorely in our society today the,  *IMMIGRANT ATTITUDE* the definition for that being…“doing whatever it takes, for as long as it takes” to get ahead…

P.S #3: We have gone from a society where children had dreams of taking a space ship that would  put a man on the moon, to now where children dream about landing on the  American Idol reality show…

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