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21 Ways To Cat Burglar Proof Your Home – Free Marketing Report!

Hey Everyone,
Lately, we’ve received a ton of phone calls and emails from all around the country about our Free report – “21 Ways to Cat Burglar-Proof Your Home”.  The report is now available exclusively to members of the Security Mavericks Coaching Program. Check out the video I did this morning in my kitchen (after I finished packing my kids school snacks.) In it I talk about the free report.  For all my Maverick members reading this, make sure you read through my “21 Ways To Promote Your Free Report” listed below – just a little follow up on last weeks killer group coaching call.

If anyone is on the fence about joining my Mavericks program, make sure you read through the FAQ’s I included towards the bottom of this article.

21 Ways To Promote Your Free Report

1-    Having a * FREE* report about safeguarding peoples’ homes from nuts, wackos, and  home invasions is a major credibility builder.
2-    Promote your “21 Ways To Cat Burglar-Proof Your Home” in the local newspaper.
3-    Include the offer for the FREE report in your Yellow Page ad.
4-    Include the FREE report on your website.
5-    Promote/include the FREE report on your security company’s page.
6-    Promote the FREE report on your security company’s page.
7-    Promote your FREE report on your business card.
8-    Promote your FREE report on your door hangers.
9-    Promote your FREE report on your service vans.
10-    Contact your local radio show and ask to become the “5 Minute Security Guy” (got a guy now doing this in his market that’s on track for an extra $100,000.00 in revenue!)
11-    Promote your FREE report on little yard signs that you can post all around town.
12-    Promote your FREE report on the bulletin boards at the super market.
13-    Send out an e-mail blast to your client base telling them about the new Free report “21 Ways To Cat Burglar-Proof Your Home” that you just wrote and would like to send them  – cuz your just thinking about how great a client they are!
14-    Include this FREE report as a *special bonus* in your residential sales presentation.
15-    Tout your new FREE report in your monthly security newsletter to your client base.
16-    Contact all the Police Departments in a 50 Mile radius and send them the FREE report with a few of your business cards inside of it.
17-     Give your new FREE report as a trade show handout to prospective new home owners.
18-    Create a  video and post it on your website touting yourself as the local security guru with your new Free report “21 Ways to Stopping Cat Burglars” as the prescription to cure their fears.
19-    Go to the local Chamber of Commerce and give a presentation on safeguarding residents’ homes from thugs & crack-heads.
20-     Send out this FREE report to all the high-end real estate agents, in your area, as a FREE bonus they can handout to their new clients.
21-    Include this FREE report in all the residential security system quotes you send out the door.

There you have it – 21 ways to put a “choke hold” on your competition. This is the type of fame you want; being an author and offering free educational material is a huge credibility builder. Before even speaking with you, potential clients will believe that you – and only you – are able to solve their security problems!

Frequently Asked Questions (about the Mavericks program)

Q1:  Bob, I live in a small town.  Will your marketing system work here?

What I teach is emotional and educational based marketing.  This type of marketing is non-geographical and works ANYWHERE.  I have clients all over the country in large cities and small towns using my marketing systems and experiencing great results.  One security client of mine, that lives in small town in upstate New York, just got 42 responses from a freebie direct mail piece I include in my security maverick coaching program.  This stuff is proven and works all over the country!

Q2:  Bob, How long will it take to see results?

I have two strategies that I will give you right away that will help reactivate your current inactive clients.  You should see sales from that within 3-7 days.   My other marketing strategies will take a little longer, but not much. In a nutshell, if you’re serious about cranking up your marketing machine you will see huge results in 45 days.  And within 6 months, an entirely new way to market your business.

Q3.  Bob, what if I’m tight on cash, can I make your system work for me?

Absolutely!  Several of my security marketing pieces can go out in your invoices.  These pieces will generate referrals, stimulate new leads and attract new clients – that Pay Stay and Refer!

Q4:  Bob, I know absolutely nothing about marketing or growing my business.  Can I still join your coaching program?

To be honest, do you think I was born with these marketing skills – Heck No!  I had to learn the hard way.  I spent over $50,000 attending seminars, consulting programs and coaching clubs and made a lot of mistakes along the way.  When you’re a member of my coaching group, you’ll have a built-in mastermind which will teach you all you need to know to market your security business successfully.  You’ll learn from other security installers who are just like you; you’ll get all the short-cuts that will allow you to leap-frog over your competition.

Q5:  Bob, you have a two-month brass balls guarantee.  What is that all about?

If after 2 months you are not completely satisfied with the program, you’ll get all your money back and we’ll part as friends.  The only thing you have to do is take the first step and fill out the application and fax it back to my office.  Then we’ll see if you are qualified for the program.  The “catch” is that I ONLY want serious security entrepreneurs to apply.  If you are not totally committed to changing your marketing style and the way you do business, then your business will not change and I cannot help you.  So don’t waste either of our time.

For Those Ready To Rock With My Security Mavericks Program, I Salute You!

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