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The 3 Laws of Security Sales Success

The-3-laws-of-security-bgThe 3 Laws of Security Sales Success

How would you like to be perceived as the go-to-guy or gal in your local market and be know as the “Security Goo-Roo”?

Do you think having this ***EXPERT STATUS*** would directly affect your bank account?

Suffice to say, you friggin’ betchayah!

I don’t think there is anything worse than a person going through life who has…

• No power
• No magnetism
• No cache
• No personality
• No Jen-a-say-qua
• No balls

Your technical knowledge won’t buy you a bag of doughnuts or put gas in your service vehicles. Buyers are attracted to business owners and sales reps who have power…magnetism…cache…personality…and Jen-a-say-qua! Not the lowest price, as you would suspect.

In my years of coaching and consulting with security entrepreneurs all over the world, the ones that have the biggest businesses and biggest bank accounts have ***EXPERT STATUS*** larger than life, and are known in their markets for being the Rolls-Royce of security installers.

The 3 Laws of Security Sales Success
1- High Self-Image
2- High Self-Worth
3- High Self-Esteem

On the opposite side of the coin is:
1- Low Self-Image
2- Low Self-Worth
3- Low Self-Esteem

Poor Folks and Big TV’s
Jim Rohn who was one of my first mentors said that “poor people have big tv’s, and rich people have big libraries.” So all I have to do is take a look-see in your library and see what you’re consuming and feeding your mind to predict if you have High or Low Self-Esteem, and even predict your bank account by what you’re devouring for information on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

To have more in life, you must become more… and that starts with upgrading the firmware between your ears! As the old adage goes: garbage in, equals garbage out. You can not and will not outperform your own self-esteem.

Have a great week, over and out!


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