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The 4 Key Strategies of a Successful Security Dealer

Here’s what I’ve noticed over the years…that there are four (4) super-successful things that security dealers do to run circles around their competition.

The Mind Of A Super-Successful Security Dealer
The intelligent and responsible security entrepreneur will be highly active, and will engage in his business in this manner…

1: Self -Education
A super successful security dealer’s mind operates like one of the fastest mainframe computers on the planet, such as, the new mainframe from IBM dubbed zEnterprise 196 (BTW, this baby contains 96 of the world’s fastest chips and can execute more than 50 billion instructions in a second, according to IBM. That’s more than 17,000 times the rate of IBM’s high-end system in 1970!)

A super successful security dealer is also a voracious reader, seeking and processing relevant information faster then a speeding bullet. Therefore, he is always learning and implementing new business building strategies and is always in BOLO mode (Be On The Lookout) for new security client attraction and new security client retention systems.

2: Aggressively Diversifying
A super successful security dealer has multiple ways he acquires and attracts new clients, he is looking at and utilizing all the angles to pull as many pre-qualified, pre-disposed, pre-sold people through his security marketing funnel.

3: Zero Dependence On Anything & Everything
A super successful security dealer relies both on offline and online marketing strategies to make his security business a smokin’ success. He isn’t a one-trick-pony and doesn’t put all his eggs in one basket when it comes to getting new clients in the front door and keeping them there for life!

4: Protects The Profit Margin With An Iron Fist
A super successful security dealer guards his profit margin with a vengeance! In this dodgy economy many businesses slash prices and their profits to keep sales traffic up. Rarely does the sacrifice of margin to buy business pay, and it’s definitely not a sustainable strategy. It takes no imagination at all to slash prices, discount services and trash profits – any jamoke can do that! The super successful security dealer earns his prosperity and profits through creative imagination…he knows how to elevate the importance of the security services he offers and, therefore, makes his security company the security company to call.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:
“Formal education will get you a job. Self-education will make you a fortune.” -Jim Rohn

Constantly learning is key to making your fortune. With that said, what are you reading and learning about these days?

Duckin’ out early today. It’s a cold, rainy day and my daughters have the day off from school. They’ve been begging me for a puppy, so I’m off to a local kennel. Have a great weekend!

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