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The Art of Up-Sell

Last night I was at the VERIZON store picking up my bride of 10 years, Natasha, a BlackBerry STORM 2 for an early X-Mass present.  I was pleasantly surprised at the young lady behind the counter.  She was gifted in the art of up-sell, at a very young age, and an art form that will serve her well in the coming years.

“Mr Maunsell may I interest you in insurance for your new STORM 2, the replacement cost is $500 dollars and the insurance is only $6.50 per month?”  “Sure.” I said, “Sounds like a good idea.” (cha-ching $6.50 per month recurring to Verizon)

“Would you like to purchase a car charger for your wife, in case she’s out on the road with the kids and the phone needs to be charged?”  “Sure” said I, “Throw it in the bag, please.” (cha-ching $29.00 plus tax.)

Would you like a protective screen cover, you sure don’t want her to scratch the screen – especially if little hands are playing with it (i.e. my kids)  “Oh, I’ll take that as well.” I said (cha-ching $12.00 plus tax.)

“Mr. Maunsell, I’d also recommend a protective case for the STORM 2. It protects the phone if it is accidentally dropped or hit.  Does your wife like pink or any of the other colors or prints we have?” “Sure, why not throw in the hot pink protective case.  I think she’d like that.” said I (cha-ching $44.00 plus tax.)

The VERIZON rep sucked an extra $89.25 dollars out of my pocket even before the STORM 2 was put online, along with an additional $6.50 per month in re-occurring revenue!

VERIZON does a great job training the in-store staff, and has excellent online and offline marketing strategies.  No wonder why their big city stores and small local stores are always jam packed.

How well does your office staff and technicians do at up-selling?  It’s a brain-dead easy way of increasing  profits?

Well, after all of that buying down at the VERIZON store, I hurried on home to give Natasha her new STORM 2 and the first thing she did was to activate the BlackBerry Facebook account.  By the way, if you wanna be my Facebook friend me, go to this facebook link and add me!

Just think, if you practiced the art of up-sell at every point of sale in your business, it would be Christmas year round!

Seven days to go till big ol’ Santa is sliding down the chimney!

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