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The Ballsiest Ad I’ve Ever Seen…

Hey guys, Rob here and I’m running the show here today. Just working on my lunch, an awesome grilled chicken salad from Uncle Sam’s Pizza here in Worcester, and I came across this crazy ad that 3M did with their “money security glass.” I figured Bob would love to write about this and how it would be an amazing ad for any security dealer, so allow me to do it for him…

What I’ve learned most here in my first few months is that to be successful in the Security business, you need to put yourself out there and be a little less “play-it-safe” and a little more “daredevil” when it comes to generating leads.

Take 3M’s Safety and Security Window Films marketing technique.This product is amazing by the way…  protecting from solar glare, cutting down ultraviolet rays, and providing energy savings. The window film as a whole, can withstand severe weather changes, as well as explosive “attacks” on it and burgalary attempts on it.

To prove their points, 3M began a campaign in which they stacked “1 million dollars in cash” (except it was really $500) inside a display case encased in their ‘security glass’. The deal was, if you could kick in the glass, you’d get the money inside. This is a great example of ‘guerilla marketing’, and it got great results. Just Google this ad and you’ll see a ton of positive feedback about it. People loved it! Who knew a security ad could be so compelling?!


Make your ad bold; make a promise. If your promise stands out, and strikes a chord with the market, you’ll see great results from the ground up and increase your market share. Talking about service and peace of mind doesn’t is great, but it doesn’t quite get the job done. A great USP will repel the people who are just out to waste your time. Instead, you’ll be attracting more legitimate security clients your way. Remember, selling is all about making a promise. Make your promise standout, spontaneous even, as long as it is something you can keep. That’s a USP – the promise no one else can make…or has the guts to make (like tempting people to break into a glass street display for cash).

Here’s Bob’s 3M ad for you, and his own “Ballsey Guarantee!”


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