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The Best Way To Sell Complex Security Projects

Here is your real chance to sell and set yourself up as the security expert. Prospects who are often buying are not often knowledgeable about what it is they are buying. If you, as a security owner/sales rep, see your role as the teacher and the educator to an uneducated prospect, you can get a leg up on a your competition.

A lot of security dealers and sales reps seem to think that SELLING is just telling jokes, being friendly, showing the latest apps they downloaded on their smartphones and flashing their pearly white teeth to find out what the other guy’s price is and then underbid it so they can slide in underneath it. They don’t work at educating the prospect about the security solutions that will help them to STOP VANDALS, STOP THIEVES, STOP EMPLOYEE THEFT…DEAD IN ITS TRACKS™.

By not giving your prospects this magnitude of service – that gets the respect and loyalty of your prospects – you won’t be trusted as a security expert; but just appear to be another security shyster who will drop his drawers or do anything for a sale.

By recognizing that if you are knowledgeable, helpful, and an educator of your security services, you’ll always have access to the ears of your prospects. This gives you the opportunity to present the reasons that they should pay a premium price for your security know-how, installation techniques, and superior equipment, which is the basis of EBSM (Education-Based Security Marketing)

Bottom Line: You Sell More, At Higher Prices, Just By Teaching.


  1. Tim Norton says

    I completely agree Bob.

    Every 2 weeks I send my potential & existing clients a 1 page email covering
    – maintenance tips
    – A product update and example applications
    – A joke
    – Something personal about our staff.

    This builds relationships as they already know you through what they have read and appreciate that you are informing them of how to maintain and improve on their systems.

    Additionally I do the 1 on 1 calls and visits


  2. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Tim,

    I’m sure by now you have probably seen the movie Jerry Maguire they use a great motivational quote in the movie by the late great sports agent Dicky Fox – “The key to this business is personal relationships.”

    Tim thanks for the kind comments.

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