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The Cheapest Way To Drum Up Sales [Video Inside]

I have a great little video for you to view today or over the weekend. This video is based on a “secret weapon” that will drum up sales that every security business has at his/her disposal.

I shot an 11 minute video in my office with a good friend, David Hill, who owns the largest Keller-Williams Real Estate business in Central Massachusetts.

David has a 10th degree black belt in the art of “telephone” cold-calling/prospecting to ramp up sales. He has successfully used the “telly-phone” to build a multiple 7 figure business from scratch.

Inside this quick video, you’ll discover:

• 3 things you need to get good at when it comes to telephone prospecting.
• How to qualify your leads.
• Discover why you should be matching the other person breathing patterns.
• Understanding the value proposition mystery.
• How to determine if you’re on the phone with the decision maker.
• Uncover the 2 secret ingredients for becoming a great salesperson.

Check out the video above, and if your sales team has any problems they can’t overcome or handle when cold-calling or prospecting for new business, leave a comment below and David and I will shot another video telling you how to overcome these problems.

As always, we’re watching your 6!

Have an awesome weekend!

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