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The Closing Cowboy…Cage Fighting…The Power of a Guarantee

The Closing Cowboy…

A couple of years back you could just “pony-up” to a prospect’s home or business, get off your horse, half in the bag, utter no more then two words to the prospect and the security project was yours for the taking. Then you could hop back on your horse and ride off to meet your next prospect and close that deal by sundown.

Cowboy CloserYou could have pretty much just named your price and the prospect would have signed the dotted line and said “I want it all and when can yah start?”

Boy, life was good…

Everybody was telling yah how good you were at closing security system sales that you started to believe your own press releases and felt like you really were “The Closing Cowboy!” There wasn’t a prospect or client that you couldn’t close…shoot closing prospects was easier then shooting fish in a barrel with a bazooka.

Let’s face facts it wasn’t your good-looks, your swagger or your pearly white smile.  You were good, but the real reason you were sooo good was that the banks were giving out loans to every Tom, Dick, Diego, Ira, Amir, Trong, Harry and anyone with a pulse walking down the street! Loose credit was flowing through the streets like Dom Perignon, which helped fuel the drunken sailor years of 2006.

You didn’t even have to sell with a guarantee… Dang times were good!

The Cold Hard Facts…

Super Max - Florence Co.In July of  2006, everyone that wanted a job had a job. In July 2009, we had job losses of 9.5% of employment.  To put it in perspective, 9.5% unemployment rate equates to 14,500,000 people! The folks that you sold systems to didn’t even have to think about price or payment because 2006 was going to go on for ever.

Within the last 18 months, we’ve gone from a care-free open purse/wallet policy to padlocked purses/wallets in constant 24/7 “lock down mode” like the United States Penitentiary Super-Maximum Facility (ADX) Florence Colorado.

Today you’ve gotta give prospects a damn good reason why they should do business with you versus all the other security competition out there and provide them with an iron-clad guarantee, all the while, putting there hearts and minds at ease…kinda like Catherine Zeta-Jones giving you a “mobile makeover” and selling you a T-Mobile phone.

Cage Fighting…And the Power of a Guarantee

Now-a-days, if you’re selling security systems without a guarantee, it’s like entering into a steel-cage fight with both hands duct-taped behind your back.  Your prospects have the upper hand and the leverage – especially with high unemployment and fear and loathing everywhere, with comrade Obama and his minions raising taxes across the middle-class (how else do think we’re going to pay for this welfare universal health insurance!) With many states, cities, towns and communities on the brink of bankruptcy! How can get out of this arm triangle choke hold?

Conventional thinking (or liberal thinking – aka more for less) may have you approaching the prospect with the lowest possible bid to secure the project.  If you are relying on this approach your not learning any new grappling techniques (security marketing techniques), your just sharpening your pencil on every quote and wishing, praying and hoping that this economic storm cloud goes away soon – not a good business strategy, if you ask me!

The contrarian approach is to raise your rates (you must think I’m nuts, but hear me out), pump way more value into your security services, and offer a super-duper guarantee that sucks in sales like an Oreck!  Also, offering a payment plan helps reduce price resistance because the prospect can pay the higher cost over time. If you think I’m looney-tunes, look at Disney…they’re not giving in to lowering their prices!   They’ve recently jacked up their prices and are following the same contrarian philosophy. Why?  Because they offer tremendous value and people buy into that.  Besides, Mickey isn’t giving anything away for FREE!

Having a super guarantee will give you mystical powers in your marketplace!

Now, pull up a comfortable chair and grab yourself a cold one… cuz I’m gonna’ give you an example of a kick-butt guarantee:

Here’s how it goes….

1. Let the “Smokin’ Security Newsletter” go to work for you and if you don’t immediately believe that this business building newsletter can increase your profits by 10% or more, I’ll give you an immediate refund. If your security business is teeny-weenie and installs just $150,000 a year, then a 10% increase will bring you over $15,000… is $97 dollars per month worth that kind of return?

2. After reading my “Smokin’ Security Newsletter”, I promise you will never see your customer base in the  same dimension ever again. You will have a new picture in your mind – one that enables you, with laser-like focus, to see exactly where the profit is and how to leverage it to the Nth degree!

3. I promise that everything you find in my “Smokin’ Security Newsletter” will be crystal clear, easy to follow, and instantly applicable to your security or low voltage installation business.

4. If every single one of those promises doesn’t turn out to be true, then open a support ticket, tell my staff you’re not pleased, and they’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked! How’s that for a “Bob Maunsell Brass Balls” promise?

Wouldn’t it be a shame to let this rotten economy and some competition choke you out of the business you deserve? Just because you were unaware of security marketing strategies that can have a positive impact on your business and your life – that I outline in my “Smokin’ Security Newsletter”  Don’t let that happen to you.  Click on the box to wipe out your competition, and start enjoying greater profits!

Have a Gr8 Weekend!

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