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The Daily Timer Test… Little Somethings!

Do you know that it’s paramount that you constantly and consistently communicate with your spouse and your children on a daily basis and tell them how much that they mean to you, and how much you care about them.

If you’re not constantly whispering in there ears and telling them how important they are then one of two things will happen (1) you’ll get completely tuned out, or (2) they’ll look to other people for approval and recognition. This is not a real good place to be in if you’re the CFO Chief Family Officer in charge of communicating a message of togetherness and belonging.

You need to program your mind to be constantly sending out a daily test signal (i.e. You’re the best daughter a dad can have, gee honey those shorts look really good on ya!) to ensure that the lines of communication to your (CFM) Central Family Station are open and that their receiving the signal and they acknowledge you with a “kiss-back” signal that let’s you know that you’re the man and that the signal was received!

A Little Something!

One of the nicest things you can do is to send your wife a “Little Something” every now and again to show how her much you appreciate her for putting up with you for all the long hours that you put into your business, and for keeping the house and the kids in tip top shape. When you do a “Little Something” extra for you spouse the  unexpected gift will create that micro moment of happiness for her. Studies have shown that little moments of positive emotion can add up, helping us to “rebound better from adversity and stress, ward off depression, and continue to grow.”  Not only will this make your wife happy, but it will endear her to you.

Who else’s ears should you be whispering in, to create this type of relationship with…? How about your installed base of customers aka your security clients…How about if you could create a micro moment of happiness for your clients. Wouldn’t this be a great way to build incredible loyalty with your “FAN BASE”, most people would have you think that just by sticking the latest dealer program sign in their front lawn would build loyalty and create “Clients 4 Life”. It’s takes a little more work to create “WOW” security system experience. But the rewards of gifting your “FAN BASE” are enormous when you can [scale] these micro-moments of happiness for lot’s and lot’s of your clients  at the same time.

Create Micro Moments of Happiness…

I have been using a gifting company called  this concierge site offers a wide variety of Little Somethings from gourmet foods and golf balls to bath soaps and mini gardens. Each Little Something is shipped with a personal note from you the Security Dealer, talk about standing out from the crowd.  In an increasingly cut throat national and global marketplace, Little Somethings are a cost-effective way to build client relationships and deepen customer loyalty 4 life.  For less than a sawbuck ($10) each (including shipping to U.S. destinations), Little Somethings are fun, memorable, classy, well-presented, and a great way to communicate to your client base.

Security Dealers & Low Voltage installers are using this service in some of the following ways:
•    To welcome new customers.  Security Dealers who send Little Somethings also send the message that they are thoughtful and care about their clients.
•    To thank customers who give referrals.  Referrals are the holy grail of security dealers and low voltage installers— spurring them is a great idea!
•    To make a great impression on hot prospects.  Since every Little Something includes a note, the message can be crafted for a specific prospect and even includes the company logo at the top… WOW… We aren’t in Kansas anymore!
•    To spread happiness (and client satisfaction)!  Sometimes a simple “thank you” for no special occasion at all can speak volumes.
•    To celebrate little occasions that don’t require large gifts.  For example — birthdays!  What security dealer remembers birthdays…? I can’t think of any off hand.  And if they do, it’s usually an automated email with a coupon — nothing quite as fun or delightful as a Little Something in the mail.
It doesn’t take a lot of money or a lot of time to make a lot of impact with a Little Something.

Little Somethings Page Banner

My Free Gift ]

My Free Gift  Text 2 copy

This is who I would send a Little Somethings too.

1-    Your spouse or significant other. (cuz they deserve it!).
2-    A client who refers you a ton of business.
3-    A contractor or developer that has access to a boatload of security installs.
4-    If you have a proposal out there and you’ve been trying to woo that prospect, you can send him over the edge by sending him a gift.
5-    A client who gives you a truckload of installs.

What have you got to lose by doing this…I can’t think of the last time I’ve made such an “OUTRAGEOUS” offer like this, and no there nothing wacky in my cigars. I’m paying you to make money off of my dime. This offer is open to any that is on my weekly security system marketing email list (You need not be a member of any of my services). All I ask for in return is a short little story detailing who you sent it to and the results you got.

Shucks I could be called a socialist with this offer by spreading the wealth around.  Just go ahead and create a micro moment of happiness for five (5) of your top clients.

This is a no greater way to win the “hearts and mind of your clients” then by sending them an unexpected little something in the mail.

The Right Bait, Right Critter ….

If you want to attract more skunks, goats, catfish into your security low-voltage installation business then just through out more garbage. But if you want to attract a more elegant crowd of people that will refer you to other elegant people then you need to feed them well. Remember [right bait, for the right critter]… No bait…Then you won’t have critters come looking for yah.

This is the equivalent of sending out a daily timer test signal to make sure that the clients who mean the most to you know that you’re there and present and online in their mind thinking about their needs.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this ridiculously FREE offer up so I would suggest you act now, before my bailout money runs out (hahaha). I don’t have the luxury of printing more.

P.S. Only ONE time per company.

P.S. Please allow up to two weeks to receive your gift card.

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