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The Feeding Frenzy: And Don’t Be a Bait Ball…

The Agulhas Current
Between May and July the Agulhas current off the southeastern coast of Africa displays one of nature’s miracles. It occurs without warning: suddenly the current shines silvery and bright. The silver comes from a vast mass of Pacific sardines using the cool seasonal water as a conveyor belt to carry them from their native waters just south of South Africa into the Indian Ocean north of Madagascar. This is one of the largest school of fish in the world, and it can extend for miles both length and width.

Schooling is “ONE” of the defensive techniques that fish  use in open waters, just about 80% of all fish species use schooling in a part of there life cycle. The schools of fish follow the basic herd mentality, all the fish move together, in sync, using the collective brain power of the group.  They maintain their position and keep an equal distance apart. The theory behind schooling is that there is safety in numbers. A single fish swimming alone stands little chance by itself. That same fish when swimming in sync with hundreds of thousands of other fish has greatly increased its likelihood of surviving. If a single predator attacks the school that predator couldn’t possibly eat the entire school of fish, many of the little fish will be spared once the attack ends.

Bait Balls…
When a school of fish is attacked by the smartest ocean predators – like the sea lions, dolphins and sharks – they use the interspecies MMA (mixed martial arts) take down techniques.  It’s quite devastating upon the school.

One of the tricks that these predators use to attack the schools is to isolate small groups of the sardines, out of the mass, and corral them into “bait balls.” These are compact masses of desperate little fishies who’re ready for eating.

When the predators attack in this mode, panic rushes in and the individual fishes go into self-preservation mode, and rush into the center of the pack. All the fish left on the outside begin to rush in, and the school no longer resembles a school but a hovering ball of bait fish in the middle of the ocean. In other words we have total fish anarchy, aka the “Bait Ball.”

The predators will continue to swarm and make strafing runs into the ball to knock off the fish and eat them all until no one is left.

Self- Preservation…
Many land and ocean animals have evolved over the years with various methods of preventing predators from eating them. Fish that can change their skin color to blend in with their surroundings will be less likely to be eaten, than a fish that can’t cloak its surroundings. The best defense is to be agile, nimble, and pliable to new environments and surroundings.

Their will always be a predator that can overcome its protective behavior, is sharp-eyed enough, and fast enough to overcome a potential prey’s self defense system.

Neptunic Shark-Suit
Your clients are like a school of fish – your school of fish!  The best defense for protecting your school of fish in open water is a NEPTUNIC shark suit. If haven’t seen these things on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, I’ll fill you in…Each suit is constructed of extremely tightly-woven titanium rings, underplayed by a traditional wetsuit. The sharks’ teeth are unable to penetrate the rings and/or shred the titanium.
How would you like to have this type of protection for your school of fish that you’ve worked your butt off to build?

A few [defensive] ways to put a virtual NEPTUNIC shark suit on your clients is to send out a monthly client newsletter, do a re-activation postcard campaign for long-lost clients and/or clients who have cancelled their monitoring and service contracts. I encourage you constantly be gifting and recognizing top clients, create a referral program that incentivizes clients to send new prospects to your door willingly and openly.

P.S.#1: There’s an awesome sample re-activation postcard inside this months issue of the September Smokin’ Security Newsletter. Ask yourself why would you need a re-activation postcard?  Why would you need such a postcard as a staple in your security marketing pantheon?  I hope you’ve come up with a good answer.

P.S.#2:   This month’s issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter is stuffed to the gills with marketing material. There’s a sample of my done-for-you client newsletter included inside and a digital copy ready for you to download from my website, stamp and send to your fishies.

P.S.#3: You and I both know that within your school of fish, there are whales that can refer you to other big whales (i.e. property owners, facility managers, computer consultants, electrical contractors, real-estate agents, insurance agents, interior designers.)  The easiest way to get those referrals is to educate your fishies with a security client newsletter that can be passed around and shared amongst your fishies’ teammates, associates, friends and colleagues.

P.S. #4: In the middle of October, all Security Maverick members and Smokin’ Security Newsletter subscribers will have access to my FREE “Acres of Diamonds” tele-coaching call that will teach members how to turn their security business into a “Jericho Diamond Mine” and put a NEPTUNIC shark suit on their school of fishies (i.e. clients).

P.S.#5:  So obey that impulse and subscribe right now!

P.S.#6: Don’t be a bait ball floundering in the idle of the ocean.

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