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The Ka-Ching Of A Smile

What’s the first thing a store manager will teach a new retail or fast food employee? Maybe it’s “Don’t steal the “F” ing cash!!!

But after that it’s to make an honest-to-goodness effort to “smile at the customer and make them feel valuable.”

It turns out that this might be even better advice for all service businesses.

I was reading a fascinating piece on a study showing that exposure to brief images of smiling or frowning faces – too quickly for the subject to consciously process – actually affected the amount folks were willing to pay for a drink.


A Smile is Worth a Thousand Bucks!!

The Ka-Ching Of A Smile
It’s not difficult to imagine a positive smiling technician with a sunny, bright disposition suggesting system upgrades, enhancements, or maintenance contracts to your clients. Or a security sales consultant that is onsite doing a security audit and being confident, upbeat, and smiling not only increasing the chance of winning the sale, but leaving a lasting positive impression on your prospects.

If you have a scowling, sour-pussed tech or sales consultant out as the “face” of your company, they are actually repelling sales and referrals from potential new clients, and lifelong clients. If you have techs or sales reps like this, don’t cast a blind eye to it, get rid of them! These type of employees are actually turning off folks and robbing you blind!

If you own the security business, you have to be in the business of coaching up and nurturing your team members on how they should engage and interact with clients and prospects. Because positive, smiling and caring team members sell more, generate more RMR and have a positive return on your bottom line.

No matter how great your website looks, or how much folks like your monthly client e-newsletter, or how many prospects your marketing and advertising efforts bring in, if your sales reps and technicians and office staff fail you, you are DOOMED!

You gotta make sure your new prospects’ and clients’ socks are blown off by your office staff, sales reps, and security techs at the point of contact. One of the biggest ROI’s (Return On Investments) you can have is upbeat and smiling employees in your business, who want to help and assistance people.

Stay Awesome!


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