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The Marketing Game Your In, As It Pertains To Baseball…!

I’m  soooo glad the start of Red Sox baseball season is just about here with the whole crew here at Security Marketing guru are “WICKED” big Bosox fanatics.

So I gonna keep this blog post nine innings today ( no extra inning marathon),  just sweet swinging, line-drive hitting … Hope you enjoy it!

I want you  all to concentrate and digest these Marketing Knuckle balls I’m gonna throw your way, Here’s the wind and here comes the pitch, and I hope you hit it out of the ball park cuz, I’m rooting for your team (Your Security Business) to be a Grand Slam!

red-sox-team-logo1.  You are not a maker of security products, you are a marketer of security products.  The money’s not in the making, it’s in the marketing (Always will be)!

2.  You are not a marketer of security product information– Nobody cares about that anyway.  You are a marketer of what people really want:  problem-solving security information.  Make sure your marketing message is geared toward solving security problems.

3.  Your a security marketing and sales machine first and foremost, and a security installation company second, without the phone ringing off the hook there will be no need for security installation techs.

4.  Just imagine the “MONEY GAME” you would be in if you just concentrated on  marketing your security company, just  one (1) uninterrupted hour per day, your growth would be phenomenal, that’s an extra 365 hours per year dedicated to making your security business the hottest game in town.

5.  The security dealer who builds the best smarketing mouse trap always clamps down more sales, and  more sales mean more income, more income means more money.  More money so  that you can take your family on a luxury vacation, or pay off some debt, or buy a piece of  rental property as another investment strategy.

6. Have you called up your best clients to and just say THANK YOU, and told them how much you appreciate them…? And ask them where else can I find a great client like you…Hehehehe….Trust me it works. I’ve done this countless times to find the cream clientele. I’m not a “POSER”… I practice what I preach…

7.  Don’t be a MOOCH in your acquisition of knowledge that can make you a shining success in your field!

8.  What did you learn about  your competition today that will give you a leg up on them in the bidding process…?

9. School is never out for the Security Marketing Pro.

There you have 9 different variations of the brush back pitch, that will keep you competition from stepping into the batters box against you!.

Peace, Out!

Go Sox’s!


Bob Maunsell

Security Marketing Guru World Wide!

P.S. The best is yet to be ;)

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