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The Million Dollar Question You Should Ask Yourself – Before Starting A Security Business

million dollarsHey we received a great question this week from Anthony down in the Bayou State…….


Within the next several months, I would like to start my own part-time Security Consulting/Inspection business. I have extensive Federal, Military, Law Enforcement and private sector experience. Numerous commendation for superior performance of duty. I possess a wide variety of legitimate degrees, and professional certifications.

I do not intent to be a “jack of all trades” in the security field as it were; but to confine my services to Residential, Commercial, Hotel-Hospitality and industrial physical security surveys/inspections/penetration testing – personnel security consulting/inspections. Also Emergency Planning. I would not be installing alarms/anti intrusion devices, but to recommend.

My competition would be the various alarm companies and internet background/pre employment checkers and so called “mystery shoppers”.

My problem is that despite my expertise and ability to interact with persons of ALL socio-economic levels, races, etc… and to state my problem witha bit of levity, I couldn’t sell life boat tickets on the Titanic! I have no high placed connnections, no wise old retired man to take over clients from.

I’m not looking to get rich. I have been injured twice in the line of duty and thus at age 47 am in forced retirement as a result of neck & back injuries – which in no way would impair my ability or performance. I just no longer met the requirements to remain in the military as an investigator/physical security specialist, nor continue as a police lieutenant/investigator (I was in an “Inspector General” type position with State agency here in Louisiana. I’m not part of the Good Old Boys network. Nor have I aquired the art of “brown nosing”.

I need, and am willing to pay for hard core marketing advice and strategy that will bring me some business.

Can you assist me?

With thanks for your attention to this communication and looking forward to hearing from you, I am

Sincerely Yours,


Hey Anthony,

Thanks for the questions:

I myself am a  former military men myself, I was a  Sgt in the  USAF. I was stationed at Sheppard AFB, TX and Ramstein AB, West Germany. I’ve been out now for over 22yrs ago.

I learned how to do security installations in the military. People looove folks with a military background especially in these times.

You have a back-story (life experiences) that the average Joe (alarm dealer) doesn’t have, this can make a very impressive case for choosing you over other security dealers, you should be using those mini self interest stories in your sales presentation.

As Bill Gates likes to say “facts tell, stories sell”, if you can tell a compelling story as how you can secure a residence or business that Tom Cruise couldn’t drop in to, doya remember the scene from Mission Impossible, when he dropped down  from the ventilation system in to that High Security Vault and was able to get the CIA’s codes and get away it (i know that’s a far fetched example).

But this is a scene folks remember, and it’s also a good story to tell how, as to why Tom Cruise  couldn’t defeat your security system especially with your extensive back in the Federal, Military, Law Enforcement and private sector experience, and that you have been nominated for numerous commendation for superior performance of duty, and you  possess a wide variety of legitimate degrees, and professional certifications.


But the million dollar question is how can you package and present this so that your not seen as just a alarm guy, but as an expert??

It starts with your marketing material and the case that you  make when your asking the client for their money…

The obvious question that comes to my mind is “why should I do business with you versus all the the other security dealers out there begging for my money”?

Here is your dilemma as I see it… it’s not technical knowledge, your loaded with that, but your marketing and sales skills have to be ramped up ASAP!

My dad didn’t leave me a pot of gold, and I didn’t  have any contacts at the Pentagon that would just hand me government contracts either.

When I look back on it now that was the best thing to ever happen to me really… no work, no leads, no phone ringing…

I had to hit the ground running and learn on my feet how to get my name out and build up a business, and the only way that I did that was to get really good at sales and marketing.

The highest paying use of of your time is sales and marketing.

If you desire hard core marketing and sales strategy then look no farther then my Security Mavericks program in this I’ll smother you with internal (current clients) & external (new clients) marketing strategies that will get you started on the right path to success.

The Security Mavericks program will make you the obvious expert in your local market.

BTW I just added a new module 21 Ways To Cat Burglar – Proof Your Home. Which has the security dealers in my program, going through the roof!

Just check out my website for this program, and also another good place to start is my Smokin Security Newsletter , which is chock full of security marketing examples and critical thinking that is needed to be successful today.



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