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The Mindset Of A Millionaire Security Entrepreneur

I was asked on a coaching call last week about how does one become a millionaire in the security business. And I said that it starts with one’s mindset or one’s own self-image of himself or herself. But I thought I would expand upon it in to a few other areas of business as well…


The Mindset Of A Millionaire Security Entrepreneur

Millionaire Security Entrepreneur On Being Self-Employed
The MSE is of the mindset that it is “risky” not to be self-employed, being self-employed means that you are in control of your own destiny. The “profits” (profits are better than wages) that are made are YOURS, and there is no real ceiling on how much you can earn.

Millionaire Security Entrepreneur On Fear
They understands that dealing with “FEAR” in a positive manner is a foundation stone of becoming a millionaire in this business. The MSE understands that doubt, fear, and worry, doesn’t attract money, it actually repels money like the plague.

FEAR – Stops you you from getting what you really want in life!

Millionaire Security Entrepreneur On Building Up Team Members
The MSE understand that if you are looking after your techs and office staff, they will, inturn, look after your “clients” who will look after your PROFITS!

Millionaire Security Entrepreneur And Walt Disney
The MSE has a permanent ink tattoo of the “Disney Principle” on their forearm. The Disney Principle is:

“Do what you do so well and so uniquely that
your clients can’t help but tell others about you.”

Millionaire Security Entrepreneur On Pricing
The MSE understand that they are damaging their business and brand by not raising prices on a regular basis. For one thing, you’re gradually undermining the perceived value of your security services or products by not raising your prices.

Millionaire Security Entrepreneur On Dealing With Losing
“Pressure busts pipes,” Evander Holyfield used to say, and that’s what happened to the Carolina Panthers – they entered the Super Bowl 17-1 and thought the final game was simply a coronation. Much of the country felt the same way. The Broncos had other ideas. Cam Newton lacked graciousness. He lacked any semblance of perspective. He acted, quite frankly, like he thought no one had ever lost a big game when, in fact, we all lose in life.

Contrast that to a year ago when another young quarterback sat in a similar seat feeling those same feelings of loss and sadness. Russell Wilson had just thrown an interception at the 1-yard line that sent the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl defeat. Wilson answered every question, explaining over and over how the ball ended up in the hands of Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler, instead of in the end zone.

Nothing is promised but difficult moments. What we do with them says much about who we are. As a Security Entrepreneur, you gotta be able to handle the highs and the lows with dignity and grace.

Well there you it, have a great week!


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