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The Power of Cloning Oneself (Funny Pic Inside)

By the time you read this, I’ll be in beautiful Vermont on a ski lift heading to the top of Okemo Mountain for a day of skiing and listening to reggae music with a bud of mine.

But enough about my day, cuz I wanted to talk to you about the awesome “Power of Cloning Oneself.” When you can do this, you are free to live your life and conduct your business on your terms, not on someone else’s to-do-list or timeline. Last time I checked, you started a business to create wealth for yourself, and not just to have a J.O.B (Just Over Broke.)

Tim Creenan Funny Halloween Pic

Tim Creenan Funny Halloween Pic

The Power Of Cloning Oneself

Here is an awesome photo of an awesome guy named Tim Creenan (from Amherst Alarm, in the Empire State of New York.) I saw this photo on Facebook before heading out the door to take my girls trick-or-treating with their friends. I remember reading an article by Richard Branson a few years back. In the article, Richard said that the only way to get ahead in business was by leveraging your talents and abilities with other great people, because you can only do so much yourself.

Tim’s Team members surprised Tim on Halloween by being him for Halloween. In reality they are very much like Tim because he has trained these people on the strategies, mind-set, work-ethics that he himself holds. Your business will only grow to the extent of your vision, and how capable you are of getting the right team together that shares that vision and are all pulling together on the same page. The BIG money comes to businesses that can leverage their people, systems and technologies, and marketing. That is the power of duplication.

Bob Maunsell & Tim Creenan Interview

Bob Maunsell & Tim Creenan Interview

Special Offer: Fly On The Wall

If You would like to be a “fly on the wall” and listen to an interview I did with Tim Creenan President of Amherst Alarm ( he is one of the Top 100 Security Dealers in the good ol’ U.S.A.) BTW, Tim is also a Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club Member. Tim certainly knows how to turn excellence into money.

The audio success interview was so friggin’ good that I took 3.5 pages of notes, myself, while I was interviewing Tim!

Right The Ship
If you’re looking to break out of a self-imposed sales slump or you’re looking for elegant, richer concepts, strategies, tactics, and techniques to skyrocket your income and business and maybe even turn your life around, then you gotta get your mitts on this interview. There are at least 7 elegant ideas that Tim spills the beans on. All you really need to do is execute just “1” of Tim’s ideas and you can right the ship and still make 2015 your best year ever.

I’m Gonna Do You A Solid One
Since we’ve got 6’ plus feet of snow in Massachusetts, in February alone, I’m gonna give you a mountain of bonuses on top of Tim Creenan’s awesome interview. BTW, that interview alone is enough to get you going in the right direction. But you know me, I like to add tremendous value to folks that are paying members. So I’m gonna do you a solid with one if you become a member in my Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Program.

Special Report # 1 – How To Create a Fake Magazine Ads That Position You As The Local Security Expert.
No reason to shell out $5K for a magazine ad when I deliver you a template that looks and acts like it was in a high-end local magazine. Feel free to use this in all of your sales presentation and handouts.

Special Report # 2 – Security Millionaire Mindset
5 FREE Ways to Deliver Outstanding Client Service after the sale that will blow the socks off of your clients. This is a wonderful differentiator that requires no capital investment, but will pay you back 10 fold.

Special Report # 3 – Security Millionaire Mindset
Discover four (4) takeaway management strategies from the best coach in football, Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, and how he has used these distinct strategies to win four Super Bowl Trophies.

Special Report # 4 – 11 Steps To Creating An Incredible Facebook Book Fan Page For Your Security Business.
A step-by-step guide to having a killer FB Fan Page, you’re losing RMR dollars by not having a irresistible fan page.

Swipe & Deploy Feature – The Most Ingenious Tri-Fold Brochure For Guaranteeing Your Security Services.
This is a must-see if you need to differentiate yourself in a cut-throat highly competitive, back-stabbing market. Model this tri-fold brochure for your business and no competitor is safe!

Delusional Money Chanting Syndrome
Look, you can deny it if you want, recite delusional “money chants” and hope for the best… but the economy has changed the way money is moving. And I don’t think it’s EVER going back to how it was just a few years ago.

We’re at a precarious time when what works and what doesn’t work to make money has changed dramatically. Nowadays, you have to be totally in tune and up to date with the changes in buyer motivations and spending habits.

If you don’t know how to strategically react to these constant changes in…
– Your advertising copy
– Customer acquisition programs.
– “Reason to buy” presentations.
– Customer retention programs.
– Systematically getting Google + Reviews.

You’re going to lose out on at least HALF of your potential sales and income. Maybe more.

Or worse, you may not even BE in business next year. The choice is yours. If you want to swing for the fences and hit the big home runs in 2015 and beyond, you need to get the most advanced, cutting-edge security marketing strategies, techniques, tactics, tricks, secrets and successful sales models that are working right NOW.

Seven years ago, you probably could have coasted along with a firm handshake and a big toothy smile without all this stuff and done OK. But not anymore…

Start kickin’ ass, my friend, by joining myself and other security dealers who are kickin’ ass in the Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club today!

Stay Frosty

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