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Mega Pixel Cameras And The Power of Focus

I don’t know if you had a chance to see some of the the new HD (high-definition) mega pixel cameras out in the marketplace from Arecont or VIDEOIQ? These cameras are pretty amazing…they can record in 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps! Mega pixel cameras are suitable for the most taxing applications, where you have to zoom in and capture a licences plate or to pin point people or objects within a scene, and provide strong evidence – beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The Power of Focus
Ask most security dealers who their target market is and they’ll say, “Anyone with money and a pulse.” These dealers are a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. They are not focusing on a market segment and, because of this, they’re not earning as much money as they could and should be, and are not making themselves bullet-proof from the economy and their fiercest competitors.

Folks that specialize in their given fields make WAY more money. Take the medical field, for instance. A specialist makes WAY more money than a general practitioner…right? Making money in the security industry is no different. To earn the really big bucks you deserve, you must decide what single market (high-end audio dude for million dollar plus home owners, security expert to housing authorities, mass evacuation systems guru for college campuses, retail security honcho, locksmith for commercial office buildings, and so on) and then go after that market with full force and become everything to that market….in other words, master and dominate it!

Why NOT to be a jack-of-all-trades!
First, you deplete your marketing resources and dollars. All of us have only so much time and money we can devote to security marketing. When you pursue many different markets you only do a mediocre marketing job in each market because you’re spreading yourself too thin. It’s much wiser to put all your resources into one area and do a tremendous job.

Second, you do your clients a disservice by not being the best you can be. You know deep down that you’re better at performing some security installations than others. This doesn’t mean you can’t improve and become a master in other skills, but the only way to do that is to devote all your energies to it.

Third, as I already mentioned, you’ll make a lot more money as a specialist. This is proven. Does Apple make calculators? Does Jet Blue sell cruise ship reservations? Of course not.

Reprogram Your Mind To See Opportunities
My friend, when your mega pixel camera (your mind) is constantly FOCUSING on the true “hot spots” of opportunity in the security market, you can’t help but improve and grow your business to new, extraordinary heights.

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